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So, after being a good girl and getting my American Poetry homework finished, I decided to devote the rest of the afternoon to writing. Structure? A promise of the day's routine getting better? I love it.

Anyway, while I was reading some fanfiction, I stumbled across a collection of drabbles that had been inspired by the following meme: Meme where you put your iPod on shuffle and write a little drabble based on each song, only for the length of the song. As a lover of both writing and music, I had to try it. Started off a bit sketchy and then got into it - so much so that I actually lost count and ended up writing thirteen drabbles. I took out the three weakest (the last one was actually awful) but I kept the rest. It was good fun, a real challenge.


Brand New Day – Neil Patrick Harris (Sherlock, PG)

They’ve survived.

They have both survived.

They both awoke in hospital, both looked for the other only to be assured by Mycroft, his voice quiet and knowing, that there are bumps and bruises and broken ribs, but that they are both fine.

It’s a brand new day. And Jim Moriarty has made two enemies.


Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble (Sherlock, John, PG)

When John comes back to London, it’s a lonely grey slum. So many people come here; he’s been asked questions by other soldiers, what it’s like to live there.

It was home once, but it’s become a whole new place, a whole new city that’s shifted in the time he’s been away. All his old friends have moved on, marriages, births, even deaths. He’s pretty much on his own, now, with his therapist and mad sister for company and no job to speak of, nothing keeping him standing except for an army pension.

He consoles himself with the fact that these things take time, one of the things he actually picks up from his therapist. But as the weeks move on and on, he even starts to doubt that. He’s in increasing need of air, stuffed inside his little bed-sit which doesn’t feel like a home. He takes himself on a lot of walks, tries to work out this feeling inside his leg.

Then he bumps into Mike.

And is landed with an impossible flatmate.


Sunshine – Gareth Gates (Sherlock, John and Sherlock, G)

The sun is becoming bigger and brighter every day, the winter snow that plagued London and cancelled all flights (and in the process separating poor Mike from his wife) long gone now, replaced by crocuses and lighter grass.

They go for a lot of walks, a lot of running, through the parks, through the alleyways and back-passages of London. It’s a scattered routine; every day isn’t quite the same and it’s the sort of thing John loves. That moment... when Sherlock spots who they’re looking for and they dart off again under spring’s bright blue, he close behind him, never leaving and never being left.

It’s the best spring of John’s life.


One More Chance – The Jacksons (Sherlock, Sherlock/John, PG)

Sherlock comes back to the flat after a long absence, finds John staring out of the lounge window. He’s greeted with a sharp ‘Hello’ and merely removes his coat, scarf and gloves, hanging them up on their normal hook. He glances around the flat to deduce any potential change in the time he’s been gone, but everything has been kept the way he left it, almost exactly. Signs of John’s pacing are present; there’s scattered notes and pens, mugs of untouched tea and coffee – Mrs Hudson obviously trying to be motherly. John’s phone, sitting on the desk.

... The skull is back on the mantelpiece.

... He’s been worried about him. Angry, certainly – frustrated, clearly – but worried, too.

‘You can’t keep running off like that,’ John tells him, voice levelled low, a quiet fury beneath before he turns around. ‘Never, Sherlock. Not on your own. I can’t read your mind, alright?’

Sherlock raises his head for a moment, studies him. John’s shoulders rise and sag with a sigh, before he strides across and takes him in his arms.

‘Not again,’ he tells him. ‘And I love you, you idiot.’


Get’cha Head in the Game – High School Musical (Sherlock, Sherlock/John, PG)

He can’t stop watching Sherlock.

It’s absolutely stupid and completely and utterly ridiculous, that he’s not taking notes when he’s supposed to, that he’s not paying full attention to what Sherlock is saying when he all he can see is the movement of his soft mouth.

He’s completely lovelorn, isn’t he?

And of course, Sherlock knows it because after the third time, he grabs John, kisses him senseless and tells him he will hopefully be a little more attentative during the game in future.


Daydream – Right Said Fred (Beautiful People, Simon/Mickey, PG)

Simon wonders if it’s going to be potentially fatal to his GCSE results now that he’s met Mickey.

He finds himself smiling, thinking about him every English lesson – and as pointed out wisely by Kylie, who is so aware it’s embarrassing, it’s probably a good job that Mickey’s in different classes to them because if he were in the room right now with them, Miss Perrin would probably get a two-way restraining order instilled on both of them.

He does know he’s not going to get out of Reading any quicker if he carries on like this, but the fact that Mickey could be daydreaming about him as well is so good it’s more than enough to help Simon soldier on through the day, even breeze through it.


Out There – The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Sherlock, Sherlock/John, PG)

John knows the outside world can be a cruel, scary place. War has shown him, life has shown him. All the murders that he has seen since just goes to reiterate that fact.

... Sherlock helps him deal with it. Sherlock gestures him to his feet, day after day, when sometimes all he’s seen proves to be just too much, and bundles him out of the door. They run, pound the pavement as a pair, and find the guilty party. Killer after killer is found, and brought to justice, by them and other people are saved from the same fate.

The world is scary, yes. But in this business, this life that he and Sherlock share, John gradually comes to realise that actually, it’s not really that scary, or cruel, out there after all.


Slammin’ Kind of Love – A-Teens (Hollyoaks, John-Paul/Craig, PG)

John-Paul knows that the summer of 2007 was a completely mindless one. The way that Craig always got him going, no matter how much he tried to fight it, with a single look, or touch, or kiss... he was addictive that year. In fact, he really didn’t seem to realise how addictive he was, how much he was getting under John-Paul’s skin, how much he was hurting him, how they were hurting each other, until it was too late.

They don’t hurt each other now. They can give each other the things they’re dreaming of, love each other as a proper couple should.

It still doesn’t mean that Craig is any less addictive now than he was then.


I Love This Bar – Toby Keith (Beautiful People, adult-Simon/Mickey, PG)

They go to a new gay-bar that’s just opened up in London, park Mickey’s motorbike outside with strict orders to the bouncer on duty not to let anyone touch it, and then hand in hand, their wedding-bands touching, they venture inside.

The place is pumping, and Simon, who after all has had to go out dancing alone since he broke up with Sacha, knows he loves it; loves this whole crowd of lovers and lookers, he and Mickey among them.

And he knows he shouldn’t, really, but at one point when he stumbles into the bathroom to splash water on his face and hopefully try and desist from throwing up over his favourite purple top, the fact that Mickey comes in just as an older gentleman tries to take advantage of his inebriated state... well, to see his husband so protective and furious is what really gets Simon’s fire going, as the man is sent scuttling with a look and a warning.

‘I Cher to swear I’m not as think as you drunk I am,’ he murmurs, lolling against Mickey’s shoulder on the tax-ride home. Mickey just chuckles and nuzzles his hair.

Oh, yes, Simon definitely does love that bar.


L'Accordeoniste – Samuel Barnett and Jamie Parker (The History Boys, Scripps and Posner, G)

The first time they decided to try the song, Scripps was quite frankly alarmed at the flawless manner in which the French syllables rolled off Posner’s tongue without a second thought, found himself staring constantly up at him between his own press of the keys. Eventually, he was his own mistake, borne of distraction, the caused the song to clunk to a stop.

‘How do you do that?’ he marvelled up at Posner, staring up at him and feeling nothing other than sudden deep respect. Posner hauled himself up on the desk, modest and fumbled with his hands.

‘I like French.’

‘It’s brilliant,’ Scripps beams at him – yes, he’s actually beaming, because in their group, it really is good to have someone else who really understands about music. ‘Again?’

‘Yes please.’

Date: 2011-02-21 01:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] openxthexbox.livejournal.com
These are all absolutley gorgeous (Daydream would have to be my favourite, though), and I love how you've captured so much in so little words. I also really like your music selection.

Date: 2011-02-22 02:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ellieet.livejournal.com
Thankyou so much. I had so much fun doing it; it was a good challenge. Might continue to use it in future as a warm-up thing. And I'm glad you like the music! :)


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