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Honestly, there's something about Simon/Mickey that just grabs your attention. Considering that their relationship was explored in just three-quarters of one episode, that's pretty impressive. Not part of the "Keep Calm" series but the first one will be up soon.

Title: Homework
Fandom: Beautiful People
Rating: PG/very light PG-13
Pairing: Simon/Mickey
Summary: Mickey hates silence.

He knows Simon’s a real friend when he asks him over to Kylie’s house after school. No-one else has done that for him so far – well, apart from the odd girl who clutches hold of his arm, bats her eyelashes and scares him out of his skin. As flattering as it is to know that people think he’s good-looking, he’s already had to find several excuses why he doesn’t really like to spend time with girls that way.

But after everything, after how he treated Simon, only to be invited to spend more time with him, he feels trusted again, like he’s fully reformed from all the bad stuff.

He’s a complete stranger to Simon and Kylie’s ways and can only sit on the bed watching as, on their Music homework assignment to find a song with a catchy harmony and melody, they need no second bidding to start snapping through Kylie’s soundtrack collection of The Wizard of Oz. But that doesn’t make it any less cool; hell, Mickey enjoys adding fuel to the fire by asking if either of them have seen Starlight Express and he feels so included when they ask him all about it and make him promise to bring the soundtrack over the next time they all get together.

At one point, Kylie leaves to fetch them all juice (‘I need my performance mojo, girlfriend’) and Mickey can feel the air change when the door clicks shut behind them. Simon just smiles at him, suddenly looking as nervous as Mickey feels, and puts a little too much attention on the star he’s idly sketching on the corner of his notebook, complete with an arrow and the word ‘Me!’ next to it.

Mickey hates silence, has hated it ever since that letter he wrote was read out in class back at his old school and he had to stare down at the desk for the rest of the lesson because it was the only way to avoid everyone’s eyes, and the only way to hide his tears. Somehow, saying nothing just seems a hell of a lot worse than the taunts that he’s ‘one of them batty-boys.’ It’s just everything hostile, everything that makes him feel no more than a foot high and maybe also because when people are talking, he has an idea of who to avoid and who to trust.

He trusts Simon, but now he needs a clue – something, anything – and when he notices that the star is getting the heavy-lead treatment, becoming blacker with every press of the pencil, he figures that’s probably enough and puts his hand over his, not trying to alarm him, but just to get his attention, that’s all.

He has no clue what he’s doing; all the other people in their school seem to have it all sussed (especially Ashlene) but then again, they do particular things that he’s never taken an interest in. Yet Simon and Kylie don’t quite fit in. He knows he noticed them both in the first place because they stood out, boldly, from the crowd, without a care in the world and because they made him smile for the first time since arriving at the school.

And seeing Simon smile back was even better.

He shifts closer, wondering, hoping that Simon will take it from there because he’s a little more honest with himself than Mickey is. And they need to face this because although they’re alright with each other, there’s something else there, something he needs to know about.

‘Are you okay?’ he asks, unsure what else to ask and it seems to ‘spoil’ the mood, like he’s not supposed to say anything just then. As Simon nods, offering him another smile, he can’t help thinking how weird it is, that you can go from bullying someone to wanting to look after them but then again maybe it’s obvious right there in the question.

He feels weird, feeling so nervous and maybe that’s the price to pay for being expected as a lady-killer. Also, Kylie could be the ambulance this time around; it doesn’t exactly take forever to get juice and who knows when they’ll next be alone, in private? He doesn’t think he can wait for the next snatch of time with just the two of them and it’s already a given that they can’t do this at school, simply because he doesn’t want the outside world intruding and that feeling’s a little overwhelming in itself.

He puts a hand on Simon’s shoulder because it’s what friends do, friends always do that and it might make him feel better. For Mickey though, it just makes it all the more real. He knows what he wants to do – although in a way, he doesn’t want to do it, he just wishes there could be another way that could make him feel less scared – but he likes Simon and if he got the courage to try and kiss him once, then...

It’s slow and it’s clumsy, their lips bumping together in all the wrong places. But Simon doesn’t pull away and Mickey spies him shutting his eyes right before their lips touch and that tells him it’s alright and he’s allowed, because you do that when you want to kiss someone and it’s what they did last time. This time, he can’t help feeling proud of himself because they actually took the extra step without either of them falling off anywhere and Simon isn’t some fire-breathing monster who’s going to tear him to pieces; he’s just another boy. To some it might feel weird, but to Mickey it just feels natural, more natural than kissing the odd girl he’s tried to go with in the past.

Simon’s lips are soft – so soft, so kind – and he grasps Mickey’s shoulder in return which makes it feel equalised in the way they’re holding each other and then Mickey gets really bold, because if they got this far, surely it’s alright if he reaches up with his other hand to hold his face. It’s only when his chest starts feeling constricted and he realises he needs a little room to breathe that he has to gently pull back.

‘It’s alright,’ he says, the words tripping over his tongue and he’s not sure if he means it as a reassurance to Simon or himself or both of them but if he says that, then won’t it be? Simon stares at him, held by his hands on his shoulders and his mouth becomes crooked as he bites his lower lip and even as Mickey is thinking it looks kind of gorgeous, he’s leaning forward and planting another gentle kiss on his mouth.

It’s new, it’s experimental and they both know it but it’s also normal. It just feels like that; like it’s ticking all the right boxes. And as the door is thrown open and Kylie delivers three glasses of Ribena and Cranberry with the instruction to drink as if it were cocktails, he coins the shy grin on Simon’s face and he knows it mirrors exactly his own.

Half an hour later, Simon leaves for a toilet break and as soon as he’s out the door, Mickey finds himself shoved onto his back on the bed with Kylie standing over him, looking as threatening as any four foot diva can.

‘Alright, so you got back in his good books – but then for some weird reason you never really left ‘em,’ he sneers down at Mickey, hand on hip as he leans in, eyes intent. ‘But just to warn you,’ he holds up an index finger and takes several jabs at the air in front of Mickey’s face, ‘mess us around again, and I won’t rest until I have personally got you banned from every single theatre in the West End.’

The silence is shattered by the single gulp in Mickey’s throat.

‘Do I make myself clear?’ Kylie adds, raising an eyebrow.

‘Crystal,’ Mickey responds and behind that word is a lot of genuine truth; he can’t remember the last time he meant anything quite so much. Kylie, apparently satisfied, gives a superior sort of smirk before settling down beside him with a flourish.

‘Brilliant, girlfriend. You’re finally gettin’ the hang of it.’

The door opens, announcing Simon’s return as Mickey gives a nod.

‘I know,’ he replies – but his eyes are on Simon’s face when he says it.


Date: 2010-06-01 11:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] openxthexbox.livejournal.com
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! You had the boys being boys and all nervous (nice to see some romance that isn't all easy and sunshine and posies.) and Kylie was awesome and in character (that was quite a threat) and the Mickey narration sounds brilliantly in character despite the fact we've seen comparitively little of him and I commend you for that and just generally being awesome.

Date: 2010-06-01 02:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ellieet.livejournal.com
Oh, thankyou!

You had the boys being boys and all nervous (nice to see some romance that isn't all easy and sunshine and posies.)

Honestly, being nervous just seemed the most natural road to take: they’re both aware they’re gay, they’re only fourteen which is a very tender age and the way they were the first time they tried to kiss was where I got my cue. If you just look at their faces – and at this point, I’m also going to use it as an example of just how brilliantly LWW and BG can both act – they were twitching and uncertain and a little bit scared and it just made sense it would be the same here. Also, the fact that they’d been interrupted by the ambulance just when they were nearly there can’t have helped. Furthermore, I felt I could empathise with the awkwardness a little bit myself so that also helped me out.

Kylie was awesome and in character (that was quite a threat)

It was, wasn’t it? It was one of the first ideas I got for this piece; Kylie is definitely more confident than Simon and I think he could see what Simon couldn’t quite admit in the whole Mickey situation. And obviously there was the whole element of Simon continuing to like Mickey all through the bullying, so I figure Kylie would be a little bit wary of him still.

the Mickey narration sounds brilliantly in character despite the fact we've seen comparatively little of him

Now Mickey, I absolutely adore Mickey. He’s not the first character I’ve fallen for that’s made the mistake of bullying the person he should be sticking up for and I think that was how he hid a certain vulnerability. I just found that although we didn’t see much from him, we got a clear sense of who he was with all these little factoids about his life, spread out through the episode and I actually found him very easy to write somehow because of a certain remaining ambiguity; I don’t have to fill in all the gaps, just flesh him out a bit more from what I’ve got. But it’s also the fact that Simon and Kylie are both a little bit unpredictable and Mickey’s a little more straight-forward without being boring. Maybe it’s just because he hasn’t quite figured out who he is yet, but in any case, I found it best to write Simon and Kylie through his eyes; so they could still do things I would see them doing, but I didn’t have to get into their mindset.

Again, thankyou for reading and reviewing and also for thinking I'm awesome!

Date: 2010-06-06 08:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] explodeyy.livejournal.com

Date: 2010-06-06 09:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ellieet.livejournal.com
Thankyou, I love you too for reading! :D

Technically, you're to blame for this; my life has basically been Beautiful People-fied ever since I saw your picspam!

Date: 2010-08-11 06:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] celemie.livejournal.com

Also, *<-ME, I LOVE SIMON!!!

Date: 2010-08-12 08:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ellieet.livejournal.com
Oh, thanks! :) And what's not to love about Simon, eh? :)


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