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 So LJ is basically dead and I'm feeling sad. My flist has basically evaporated. I really miss meeting and chatting to people online and have no idea how or where to find them. Tumblr's nice but a little... complex at times.

And you know what, I really miss the whole LiveJournal scene. I miss just popping online and chatting to people. I know it's selfish and whiny of me to always expect the same because I'm thinking of the days when Sherlock was good and people were buzzing about it, but it's really hard to meet people these days and just talk because I genuinely don't know how or where you do it anymore. I think I spend way too much time here, talking about myself - maybe it's time to stop and have a break for a while. God knows I usually waffle on about nothing. I guess I just miss knowing where to go to talk about fandom.

And you know what, I get it, people are busy and they all have lives to get on with. I know I can't always expect someone else to be on their computer; I've had too much free time over the last few years. I'm loving reading and writing fanfiction again and genuinely enjoying the act of it but 'how' do you meet people in fandoms now? Are there any socialising platforms on Ao3? How does everyone else do it? 

Anyway, I have a job interview in just over a week's time so maybe I'll take some time out to deal with that and all the RL issues in my life - I need to make a plan for the future and find a job and figure out where I'm going to go next as I can't stay at home with Dad longterm. I need to pack up things here and pack up things at home. People are busy - everyone's busy and I'm not. I feel everybody else is out doing meaningful stuff with their lives and I'm not doing the same. I feel happier; granted, at this second I'm in bed after spending an hour waiting for an appointment in the doctor's surgery, but I feel a lot less hopeless.

I hope I can meet some new people and find a platform on which to socialise. I'd really like to. Chatting to you guys is one of the highlights of fandom life and I get it, my constant angsting and anxiety can be irritating, but it's nice to know that you know where to go to chat and to know someone's out there who's into the same stuff that you are. It'd be good to meet some more fellows. 

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 Oh, Las Vegas. :( Not again. And it's beyond horrific that we're at a point that that's the first thing that comes to my mind, every single time something like this happens.

I've been at home for a week now and it's been a wonderful time. My nieces came over yesterday and I haven't seen them in three months, since before I went to Italy and it was a wonderful, if very noisy reunion. I was absolutely worn out by the end of the day - the only problem was we were somewhat stuck in the house due to the rain outside, but we watched a couple of Disney films, had some sandwiches and played a lot. We then drove them back to my brother's house so I could see their dogs; Charlie's grown rather fat. <3

I'm now making plans this week for moving back home permenantly; need to go back to Wales and get my stuff sorted. Today though, I've got a phone-appointment at 2pm and I'm kind of tempted to go for a walk in the fields just to clear my head as I don't want to be stuck in the house all day. 
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 Oh. My. Gosh.

I posted another Check Please fanfiction - the one I was having trouble with, that I used HTML for - and got good reviews and kudos for it throughout the day. I also found an old Glee one and tinkered with it and put that one up as well. I wanted to work on another piece for the Glee fandom as well; a post Series 5 piece about Blaine and Cooper. I intended it to be a short little thing. 


All today. All in one afternoon. I was on fire. I just got stuck into it. I just had to keep going - I couldn't put it down. I snuck back to my laptop every chance I got and was even typing while we were watching a film - in fact, I got a little irritated whenever my dad or his girlfriend interrupted me, although they realised what I was doing and left me alone. I felt a bit guilty for neglecting them but I had forgotten what it felt to enjoy writing again. The Check Please pieces have been for fun and have taken a lot of meticulous detail but it was wonderful to just let go and write a first draft and not worry about it being rubbish. It felt so good, so so good.

I feel really happy with today. In my house in Wales I was constantly stuck; maybe I didn't have the space to work? But here at home, I feel I have a choice; I can write in the dining-room or the lounge. During my last really productive spate waaay back in 2011 - before the OCD kicked in and wrecked my creativity for several years, hah - I used to write in the kitchen, or my brother's room when he wasn't around. Now, I think I prefer the dining room; I actually tried writing in my brother's room again the last time I was home, but I wasn't in the mood and being in his room felt like I was trying too hard to recreate that summer of 2011, when I was elbow deep in the Sherlock fandom. I used to do my homework in the dining-room though and it still helps my concentration levels.

No closer to getting anything original written, but this is honestly such a relief. 

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Quick question y'all -

Suddenly having problems with posting fics; every time I copy and paste in, all the apostrophes in my story do the weird symbolic ’' thing on the Rich Text and I obviously can't post the work like that. 

Maybe I should wait until the morning and try again - it might just be the website but I've already restarted my computer and tried; no go. Any ideas? I'm kind of disappointed: I was really keen to get the piece up tonight. 
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Question: Where can we find beta-readers these days?

I'm working on a Glee fanfiction that focuses on the aftermath of Blaine and Dave's breakup in Series 6. I started it two years ago after Series 6 aired in the UK and I dunno - Check Please! made me want to rediscover Glee and in turn rediscover this particular fic, so here we are. I'm now balancing these two fandoms but feeling a little rusty. Still, at least I'm trying. I've only been writing shorter stuff recently and have been feeling rather lazy - I'm getting all these half-baked ideas now I'm back in fandom and it's hard to grab one and pin it down. 

In case anyone's wondering: yes, I'm back at home with Dad now and I've been having a few days to just chill and relax. I stayed up last night until midnight watching Glee and dancing around to the Klaine duets - yeah, I love Darren Criss. I've been spending a lot of time applying for jobs as well, as I know that realistically I can't stay at home too long. But for the first time in ages, I felt I could breathe properly; I felt happier as soon as I returned home because everything felt better. I'm not in some tatty house cramped into a city trying to make ends meet, I'm back with my family and I'm surrounded by fields and I've lots of space and time to just do my own thing. I went walking to the cemetary today to put some flowers on Mum's grave and sat on the grass and had a chat with her - it felt like a proper catchup. :)

I'm cooking tonight and I'm making spaghetti bolognaise, so I'd better snap to it. 

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 So, I'm thinking about the merits of staying in Wales vs. the merits of going home.

If I stay in Wales, I've got a good base set up, a familiarity with the city and I have friends - however, there's the case of finding a new job that may not necessarily be here, plus the fact that I really don't want to stay here long-term. There's also the fact that no matter how great it is being here, I'm having a lot of trouble shaking off my OCD and anxiety and have done for a long time. I've been having trouble coping and there's been a lot of time spent feeling depressed. I know there's the good stuff as well, the going out and the writing events and workshops but I have an anxiety association with this city as a result of the thoughts and feelings I've suffered during my downtime, that feeling of suffocation and being hemmed in and just generally not having a great quality of life at times; in fact, it's been rather limited. I'm tired of not having a proper home, for example and just living out of one room that's never quite felt like mine, no matter how much I decorate the bare walls with fandom posters. There were some very long, very bad days that bled into everything I love and they've almost set a precedent for the life I live here because it's like I expect to keep having days like that, and can't really stay happy for long. I know that's something I need to sort out and I really do think I need to be honest with myself and consider therapy. But I also hate being so far away from my family for what feels like no good reason, especially as the whole purpose of my being here - a job that I was really keen to do - is ending. I feel left behind if I stay here without it and it's not helped by the fact that so many of my friends from work are moving away. It just feels wrong to stay and I was actually in tears last night with the realisation of how much I want to leave.

If I go home however, it has to be a short-term thing. I know - we've been here before and I was in a bad place when I was living with Dad and Mum. But a lot of that was due to the fact that Mum was so ill and I myself had anxiety that I couldn't talk about. Dad has said I can come home any time I want but it would probably take us full circle again: me living at home with nothing to do. Dad is a lot more tolerant as a whole (sorry, Mum) but I can't do that to him. I want to be at home for a little while - and am hoping to be there Monday after next if all the final clearances are done - but I need to be in job-hunt mode and be ready to leave again. I know that I'm probably craving familiarity and something stable right now but I can't stay at home all my life. I've come so far on my own and that's something to be proud of but I think I need a bit of help as I'm basically just struggling to be happy.

... I just really want to go home. Just for a bit, before I set off on the next adventure.

(Also, my John Watson poster keeps falling off the wall. I think he kinda wants to leave as well).

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So that's that. Our final day of work was today - at least, the building was shut down. There's still a couple of weeks of derigging to do but that's all the main stuff done. There was an incredible buzz in the building first thing and everyone was kind of excited and nervous. When it was all over, we all stuck around for a kind of finishing party/speeches and there were a lot of tears - not from me, oddly and I feel bad about that. I hugged a lot of other teary people, though. I got a bit emotional and told my TL how much I would miss her and that she was the best team leader I'd had. Saying goodbye to her is one of the hardest parts of this because I've never met anyone like her; she was kind to me when my Mum died and when I had my massive OCD attack early last year - after that, she was instantly able to recognise when my OCD was kicking off and would ask what she could do to help, which in many cases was usually providing a distraction in the form of a conversation, or a task. She's always supported me and always had my back and I am going to miss her so much; I basically love her to pieces. This evening, she held my hand and told me the things that had bothered me - my Mum's death and my OCD - were things I couldn't help; that I was a hard worker; that I needed to believe in myself and that I shouldn't think I wasn't as good as everyone else. We were all just hugging each other for hours over our colas. Then we went to the pub as usual.

It really is the end of an era for me; for everyone. The life we've known for the past three years is now fading. I can't pretend it's been a smooth ride; the beginning was fabulous and so was the end but the middle has been a mixture of Days; days when I threw myself into work, did well, was chilled and just went home after a great shift and days when I sat at home, depressed, eating crisps, crying a lot, trying to write and failing, unable to relax and waiting to go back into work. I've often been physically exhausted and highly anxious; trying to be happy and not quite getting there. It sounds sad but the job has been my life here; it was my main reason for moving here and there's not been a great deal outside it, save for my writing group. I've been at a bit of a loose end in this city and I think I kind of want to leave, now? I don't really want to stay. Maybe I could if the right job came along - and it would be hard, starting over again somewhere else. But I think, what I want to do first and foremost, more than anything else, is to just have a break; to go home and spend some time with my Dad.

In any case, I've got a couple of days to myself now to figure things through. I think I'm just going to stay awake for a bit - much to my shame, I didn't realise Danger Mouse Series 2 had started and I have a couple of episodes to catch up on that I've missed. I think I'd like to make a hot chocolate and curl up a while.

So, yep. Welcome to Redundancy, basically. Here's hoping it won't last long.
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 This no sleeping's becoming a thing, apparently. 


No sleep, no working voice, no rest - tomorrow's gonna be fun.

Oh geez.

Sep. 2nd, 2017 01:38 pm
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 First job interview in three years in a couple of hours and I'm trying to prepare. I've grown, rather, out of my old interview clothes. Width-wise - I'm fat! I saw a photo of me performing at an open-mic that I attended a few days ago (my first one in three months) and my double chin is GAH. My stomach sticks out. Too many takeaway breakfasts.

It's been a really long and emotional week and Check Please has been my only escape. I've been croaking and coughing all week; felt beyond guilty about taking Monday off work because my TL came in on her day off to sort things out after another colleague couldn't come in either, but I didn't expect to get worse. I made myself go in yesterday after a sleepless night and it wasn't great, but we got through; I just couldn't talk. Had a rather unhelpful ruminative episode; I was working alone most of yesterday and didn't have much to occupy myself, so my ruminations kicked in - all old stuff. It's really unhelpful because it takes my mind off what's in front of me, and made me 'forget' about the interview I had today.
Still, I also had a chat with my fellow fanficcer, which was really lovely. I find it really freeing to have those conversations IRL because right now, in the fanfiction world, I feel very restricted and feel like I'm not giving it my all. 

I'm considering uploading some of my old Sherlock fic onto Ao3; all of which I wrote in 2010/2011. Most of it is fem-John/Sherlock but there are some standard John/Sherlocks as well. Thoughts? I'm tempted to put it in a collection titled the First Hiatus.

Anyway, got to brush up on my interview techniques. I didn't really want another day stuck in front of the computer (it's all I've been doing recently) so I've had a bath, watched the Doctor Who series 10 finale and just taken my time. I know you're meant to relax AFTER the interview but when you've got a lot of waiting on your hands and when you've been stressed out all week, I just couldn't face being hard on myself today. I've had a lot of that recently and I'm seriously considering CBT again - I'm going to bed at night with tears in my eyes and I'm not happy. I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.


Aug. 28th, 2017 12:04 pm
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 I've ended up having to call in sick today from work as I was up half the night feeling hot and coughy. While I was unable to sleep I decided, on the spur of the moment, to check out the webcomic Check Please after spotting the fandom on Ao3; some of the Sherlock fans have been writing for it.


It's wonderful. I know bugger-all about ice hockey (or any sport) but you don't necessarily have to understand it, because the characters - who are all fucking awesome and none more than darling Bitty - are the crucial point and make everything obvious on an emotional level. There's one comic when they come back to the dressing-room following an important game and there's no dialogue; it's obvious what's happened and it packs a powerful punch.

And Jack and Bitty. JACK AND BITTY.

First, I love how there's no bullshitting and that these guys are a canon same-sex couple; delicious, loving kissing for one thing and Bitty having all sorts of adorable nicknames for Jack, the most common one being 'Honey.' I love how there's no agonising on Jack's side; he realises he wants to be with Bitty, and that is that and their first kiss is so swoonworthy. Sure, they experience many of the problems that same-sex couples do - telling people in the sporting world about the relationship, for example - but it's all so wonderfully done. There's no room for mucking around or wasting time; there's a real sense of 'we're going to get the hell on with it.' And Bitty's character-development; dear God, I came away feeling so humbled and wishing I could feel as confident as him. In fact, I wish I could be more like Bitty full-stop; not giving up easily despite the hurdles, blending his passions of sport and baking together, healthy self-esteem and just being so beautifully himself that he makes another guy with a fuck-ton of personal issues fall head-over-heels in love with him. I have fuck-all self-esteem these days and feel empty. But I want to be like Bitty so bloody much.  

I don't know if I'll write fanfiction for it; I feel I don't 'get' the characters yet and I must admit, I could do with re-reading some of the stuff again to gain a better understanding. Plus, being British, I don't have the first clue about the American school system or even the sport itself.

Also: I went to Evensong last night. I almost didn't but I felt I needed to go, as have had quite a few OCD/depressive moments over the last week. I'm glad I went; it was extremely calming. Then I went home and made a roast, which was great, but screwed up on the gravy - too many granules, which made it too strong. Still; leftovers.
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Had a wonderful two days with Dad and J. We went to a posh restaurant in town I'd never had the courage to venture into alone and the food was to DIE for. We hadn't seen each other since last month and it was good to have a reunion. Today, we drove out of town to a National Trust manor where we had high tea and a gorgeous Labrador over at the next table came to say hello to me. We sat by the lake and J and I had a chat. I'm about to start the last two weeks of my job, before my workplace closes and she advised me not to worry and just enjoy it, which is pretty good advice.

The manor itself gave a little tour and information about the place and obviously like many historical buildings it had an emphasis on the world wars. In one room, there was stationary for people to write down their experiences of war and a board to pin it up on. I read a really awesome anecdote about two women in the war, once whom was forbidden to go to the docks by her mother and went anyway to be courted by an American soldier and another woman who went to work in France as a nurse, as that was where all the young men were. There was also an utterly adorable slip, obviously written by a child, stating 'Hello, we are thingcing of you alwis.' It was so sweet.

In other news, I've started working on an original piece of fiction and I think I might have found a way to finish my 2011 fic, Going Anywhere because I feel incomplete. I think I've been starting and working on other fic just for something to do, just to prove to myself that I'm still doing it and that I'm keeping busy; running on neutral without going anywhere. Enough of that, now. I have actually orphaned some of my fanfic - that which felt like dead wood - and I wonder if people have been put off by my doing that, as well as the fact that it's been several years and I still haven't finished Going Anywhere, but am writing other projects that let's face it, really aren't as good and lack the confidence of my early days. I don't think I've inspired confidence in my readers, even though I'm grateful for people's support and kudos. Maybe this is another incentive to start what I finish.

I've also started one big project on Ao3 to drop all my 221b fics into, to give me an excuse to write when I need inspiration and hopefully to help me figure out what works for me. It's making me feel less scattered and more organised; there's no romance though, and it's all hurt/comfort and gen - there's no slash or het or in fact, any shippy romance thus far and I don't know if I'll add any in or not, but anything goes and I'm happy to see where the inspiration takes me. I'm worried that my writing is actually kind of boring; I haven't written slash for years and I can't really write het fic very well. Right now, all I can seem to manage is platonic, hurt/comfort and family. I just feel there are so many bold writers and I'm not very bold at all.

I kind of want to try writing Dirk Gently fic, to celebrate the new series coming out, which I'm really excited about - however, the show is so crazy, I don't think I could do it justice. In any case, between Dirk Gently and Danger Mouse, and Doctor Who's Christmas special, it seems I'm going to be unemployed, but entertained.
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Brace yourself, it's another whiny post...

Read more... )


Aug. 5th, 2017 10:15 am
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 I really need to spend today sending off job applications, but GUESS WHAT?

A week or so ago I posted a new Doctor Who fic that I had spent weeks working on and was disappointed initially when hardly anyone seemed to read it; I had a handful of kudoses but wandered if perhaps there was something wrong with it. Then a couple of days later, I got a really nice review and bookmark for the story, which cheered me up no end. The Ao3 user also went on to comment on my other Doctor Who fic and it was all so positive it made my day, although much to my shame I need to sit down and actually respond to people's comments.

Fast-forward to yesterday and I was chatting to a colleague who recently joined our workplace and we got onto the topic of writing. She told me she wrote fanfiction, which I high-fived her for and we were talking about fandoms. I asked if she was on Ao3 and she told me she was, so I asked what her username was. She told me and my jaw hit the floor.



I immediately went into meltdown - well, we both did - high-fived each other, squealed and I thanked her from the bottom of my heart. She was utterly amused by the fact that I was brosle-cub12 and we just chatted happily. I found it really reassuring to have someone I could talk to about in depth, because I'd had a peek at her stories and they are truly fantastic! It's nice to have someone who gets it. We swapped notes on what we liked to write; I shared with her my love for genderswap and romance and platonic things and she praised me. She herself writes really excellent asexual/aromantic fics.

Aaaah... what a day. :D
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So, I've just found out that due to a recent shift swap that I thought was for August: I HAVE TOMORROW OFF! My TL texted me earlier this evening but I was writing for a while before Poldark came on. I'd made my lunch and had put myself to bed by the time I actually noticed the text, so I'm kind of mentally prepped. I might just treat myself to an episode of Series 10 Doctor Who - The Eaters of Light - to celebrate.

Mustn't slack, though. Tomorrow, I need to apply for a job, go to the gym, etc. I might treat myself and go into town - haven't been into the city centre since I returned - to spend my book token. I'm feeling productive and the need to learn; I'm actually wondering about maybe taking the step and going post-grad, as I only have my BA. In English maybe, or some form of writing as it may help me figure out what I want to do and how to do it.

Also: Poldark finale next week. OH THE HUMANITY.
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 So there was a job I applied for a fortnight ago and I've heard nothing back. It was one that my current skillset could have covered nicely but I wonder if in hindsight I was too cocky with the application; I spent barely an hour on it - it was just a covering letter and CV but still - and then sent it off, as I wanted it to be gone as soon as possible.

I only have two more months employment - in fact, I'm nipping into work today for a meeting regarding this - and then I have no clue what I'm going to do. I really, really need to pull my socks up; I'm feeling the same kind of anxiety I felt three years ago when I didn't have a job and I feel I've been quite useless. In fact, looking at myself from the outside, I realise I'm rubbish at getting on with things. I've gained new experiences, though and I've learned a lot; this has been quite an adventurous and productive summer (my summer tune is the Criss brothers' 'We Like It.). That's something, I guess; but I'm wondering if I'm really working hard enough, or if I need to try a bit harder to get somewhere. I guess I can only do my best; but time to stop messing about and send out some more job applications. I've been feeling much happier and more confident since I got back from Italy; I'm more engaged with my life and less obsessive-compulsive.

I know it's only been three weeks since I got back but the life I led before I left was pretty miserable, dull and very unhappy. It was an incredibly depressing, watered-down existence; just living in the mess of my room, with a mess in my head and eating far too much. It's like I needed to go away to appreciate what I had. I'm still eating far too much (eek) but I'm eating now not to fill a gap, or in a vain attempt to help myself feel better, but because I want to indulge myself and eat things I enjoy eating. I need to work on it because I'm indulging myself waaaaaaaaaaaay too much in that sense; I had two chocolate muffins and a piece of chocolate cake yesterday!


I really want to get a Sherlock vinyl pop figure with the violin, just so I can have a boy-band on my desk with my Twelfth Doctor figure and his guitar, but I can't quite justify the expense. I've been in a really financially healthy place this month, probably for the first time ever, thanks to not using my card while I was in Italy (and food and accommodation being provided), the payment from the teaching, birthday gift vouchers etc. However, after spending a bit of time just buying stuff, I want to slow down a bit. I'm not quite sure what lies ahead and I think I'd like to know I have backups in place if I need them, especially given that my job's ending before Christmas. Still, it was nice to live like a Queen for a week or two and indulge a little. Most people, I think, would have spent their money on clothes; I spent mine on DVDs and takeaway breakfasts. Having said that, I'm feeling rather embarrassed now by the sheer volume of 'stuff' I own and I think it's time to have a clearout - both here and in my room at home - and whack some stuff in charity shops and on Ebay (although preferably Ebay, as at least then I know it's going to someone who wants it and I get money in return).


Over the weekend, I was pretty upset about some stuff and I 'shut down' a little at work; it sounds dramatic, but as we were extremely busy, I just went into work-mode. As a result, though, I was rather cold and ill-mannered. I shut down one person's offer to buy me a drink as a congratulations for all the hard work I was doing - which, yeah, I know, is pretty fucking rude of me. There was a lot going on in my head and a lot irritating me and I just wanted to get on with things, so I wasn't in a particularly friendly mood that day.


It's meant to be my day off today and I was looking forward to a lie-in; my treacherous body woke me up at 4.30. Now I have to stay awake so I can nip into work for this meeting, rather than do what I often do in these situations and fall asleep only to wake up at midday - which is precisely when the meeting is. Unhelpful, body. Unhelpful.
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 *So, Jodie Whittaker's casting as the Doctor made a lot of people upset. One person did make a very rational argument about how they felt about it that wasn't offensive, just honest and someone else I promptly removed from my facebook feed after they literally posted 'Nah, good actress but ruined the show.' (Now I see why my co-workers didn't like them). I must admit, I was hoping for another guy personally and wasn't bothered about having a female Doctor, but hey, it's Jodie and if anyone can do it, she can. Anyway, I think this is a memo that we all need, as proven by some of the negative responses: it's not the gender, it's the capability. You can't accuse someone of ruining a show if they haven't even stepped into the fucking TARDIS yet,

*I actually wrote a Doctor Who fanfic today and two poems! Very pleased with myself. Ever since I came back from Italy, I'm feeling a lot better about my day-to-day existence; I'm not sleeping in until midday, I'm more engaged in what's in front of me, I'm making an effort to eat more fruit and veg and just feeling awesome. So yeah.
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 Okay, so I was browsing around on iPlayer - I have tomorrow off, all being well, so I wrote six pages of fanfic (yay) - and thought about watching a little more Doctor Who before I went to bed, when I saw that the latest episode of the Graham Norton show had been released (it only aired about an hour or so ago). I hadn't realised, but Martin Freeman was one of those on the sofa and he has gone completely silver. Utterly silver. Not a hint of blonde remains.

I'm sorry, I don't usually do this and it's stating the obvious here, but I'm so used to seeing him with a mixture of blonde/grey, particularly in his role of John Watson. He remains as sassy as ever, though and did some really impressive punching in the guest exercise - although his interview wasn't as long as the others' this time, as he was the last one onto the sofa and didn't come on until about halfway through. He's got a new play coming out with Sarah Lancashire, so he's keeping busy. <3
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 My heart is breaking for the city and all the people, including young children and teenagers who went out and never came home. :(

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Cue happy bunny Ellie. I've been needing one since I arrived in Wales but now preparations for Italy had me throwing up my hands and basically thinking, 'For fuck's sake, I need to stop using other people's printers and scanners.' So I ordered it last night and it arrived today. 12 points to Ravenclaw.
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Just: this has been one of the worst days ever and I don't even want to talk about it. I don't even understand what the hell is going on. I just want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. In fact, I might.

And after such a lovely, relaxing weekend celebrating my best friend's Easter wedding, too.


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