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There are five Tracy brothers. Five of them. That's a lot of people, particularly for one family. Five brothers. Five.

So, that only leaves one question: why is MY one the apple of Lady P's eye?

*throws self on floor for full-blown tantrum*
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I've just heard the news that Gerry Anderson has passed away.

I only heard the other day that he had Alzheimer's and if I'm brutally honest, part of me had wondered (rather grimly in retrospect) how long he had left. But I'm stunned all the same, because for me, it's a name I heard a lot, from the moment I discovered Thunderbirds as a nine-year-old and fell in love with it (along with three of the Tracy brothers). Fact is, Thunderbirds was my main reason for starting an online profile at eleven; I called myself Ellie ET for 'Ellie Tracy' (yeah, I know) and it was also through Thunderbirds that I discovered fanfiction and I went from there to Ninja Turtles and bounced between them and the rest is history. I even made Thunderbirds the subject of a project in secondary school. I answered "FAB" (as well as "PWOR" and "SIG") to registers. I watched my videos when I was supposed to be doing my homework, which drove Mum insane. And I also got in Stingray and Captain Scarlet and recorded the episodes on VHS.

And oh, how I got teased, because I didn't know enough to keep quiet about it and realised too late that chatting about your crushes on puppets would get you into trouble with your peers. And yeah, okay, I look back on it all now and think, "Wow..." because I did spend more time than perhaps was healthy for a preteen online immersing myself in the world of Thunderbirds fanfiction and roleplaying rather than being outside but then that was my choice at the time and it was what I wanted to do. It sounds daft, but I also made a lot of life-mistakes from this fandom, especially writing-wise, mistakes that taught me, helped me grow and set me well for the future. Really, it was one of those crucial shows that helped shape me over a number of years. Anyway, I loved that show as a kid and a teenager and it was always there for me, and showed me a lot of things about the world. Plus, I got to know some swell people: [livejournal.com profile] tikatu being one of them. I may have drifted away from the fandom now, but I'll always have time for it. Some seriously great hours were spent immersing myself in that fandom and I'm so proud of it for still making its mark today.

And anyway, my soft spot for Gordon Tracy has never quite gone away. <3

RIP, Mr. Anderson. You were F.A.B.
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When I was in Chester back in July, I basically got an idea for a whole bunch of mini-crossovers with Harry Potter, to celebrate the last film coming out - essentially, all the characters of my favourite fandoms attending Hogwarts in their own individual universe. My friend Anna wanted to know exactly what I was giggling for when we were headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

In any case, I've got a fairly set one for Being Human, two different ones for Sherlock because my brain just HAS to do it with both John and Joan (doh...), yet another for Merlin and now my brain also just informed me that it wants a McDean one as well.

I tried saying no, it would hear nothing of it. First it wanted Craig in Hufflepuff, but now it wants him in Ravenclaw. Craig IS rather clever. As for John-Paul, I've no clue where the hell to put him. I can't quite see him in Gryffindor, but I'm actually kind of drawn towards Hufflepuff for him, Cedric Diggory-style. Sonny of course would be Slytherin.

And don't even get me started on The History Boys (even though I know exactly where to put Dakin and Scripps) and hell, even Thunderbirds. To save myself the anguish of that last one given a few obvious problems, let's just say the Tracys went to an American equivalent (because actually, now I think about it, save for a mention of American witches at the Quidditch World Cup, did JK even really mention any kind of US educational system?) and because I think about this way too much: Scott and Virgil went into Gryffindor, Gordon and Alan went into Hufflepuff, and John went into Ravenclaw.

... I should probably just stop there now. Except my brain wants a Doctor Who one as well.

... How the hell am I supposed to place a 900-year-old Time Lord at Hogwarts? How's that gonna WORK?


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