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This is the key thing that pissed me off about His Last Vow:

Get ready for ranting and obviously, spoilers )
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I stayed off the Internet yesterday because I was a little worried about stumbling across spoilers for the Sherlock preview; I'd like to be surprised, please! I've only just found out about what Caitlin Moran did during the Q&A session.

Maybe it's because I didn't hear about it first hand and I'm just getting a second-hand reaction now, but yeah, this pisses me off. It's nosy and it's intrusive, what she did. To be frank, I didn't mind so much when Graham Norton did it, because he was more of a playful tease about it and Martin was pretty cool about it; plus, he wasn't asked to read anything out, just sit and look and the audience got to look as well. Maybe that's hypocritical of me, I don't know. I'm up for discussion for that.

But you know something? For a long time, I actually thought there was something 'wrong' with me because of my fanfiction tastes. I thought I needed to change. I was able though, in the end, to accept myself, accept the nature and yearnings of my own sexuality, accept that I had been rigid with myself and I didn't need to be so uptight, with the help of some clever people. (Truly, I'm sorry if that offends anyone; it upsets me when I look back). I feel so stupid for feeling like that and the dark places where it led me.

This though, Caitlin? This doesn't fucking help.

Really hope this doesn't end fandom as we know it. Johnlock is fun, yes, but it's not all there is to Sherlock. And it's not all about porn, either (don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking it or criticising anyone who writes it; just saying it's not all there is to the fandom, that's all). We're learning something everyday; we actually do understand (something I've only grasped recently) that friendship is the most crucial thing; trust and loyalty and mutual understanding. A lot of us simply want romance and love because we're creative, we interpret things in different ways, we can't keep our minds locked up. It's not just a case of jumping into a bed together, it's a case of building a relationship and feeling that affection, through smiles, through shared laughter, through looking after someone who's given you a reason to live. And we all write about it in different ways. Some people can write an excellent love-scene - others simply want to see a bit of a cuddle. We're human. We all want to feel the love - and what better way than when you find a story that makes you feel that love, that laughter, that sense of protection, not just in Sherlock but everywhere. For instance, I've found beautiful stories in the Hobbit fandom since I saw the film (I personally adore the Bilbo/Bofur ship) and I find there are stories that do real justice to relationships, both gay and straight - just as there are in Sherlock.

And guess what? I find, since discovering Sherlock, that there's a greater understanding of sexuality and relationships in this fandom than any other I've known. This is such an accepting fandom and it's leading me to be accepting in turn, to understand other people's viewpoints. Asexuality, fluidity, genderswap; it's all good here. I've learnt so much more and I feel I'm still being taught every day by different, clever people.

So kindly don't mock it.
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Oh fuck

Oh guys

I can't

I can't

Seriously, that's probably the biggest clip spoiler I've had thus far (as in, actually seeing the characters do their thing)

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Dear Moderator of Sherlock Support Group on Facebook,

Linking people to articles written by extras is fine, BUT DON'T WRITE EPISODE SPOILERS IN THE HEADERS!

I am just so upset right now over this. I can't believe how inconsiderate and thoughtless this person has been. I get people are excited, but I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW. OTHER PEOPLE WILL NOT WANT TO KNOW. I want to live in blissful ignorance for a few more months - is that really so much to ask? Also so I can enjoy the fanfiction in the meantime because when this series airs, things might change.

I hate it when these things happen and quite frankly, it's getting ridiculous. Do I have to start putting limits on everything I do just so I can enjoy my favourite television show in full when it comes back? Fuck's sake.


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