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This is the key thing that pissed me off about His Last Vow:

Get ready for ranting and obviously, spoilers )
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So, random Sherlock thoughts.

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Okay, I've caught up. We had wind and rain all day and the power-cut affected the whole town. I had been lying in bed writing by torchlight, glancing at my watch every now and then, wondering where we were in the ep and then suddenly the lights came on and I whizzed down to the telly.

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I know, I know, spoilers. But if I can't go to the premier and have to wait 22 more sodding days until 'The Empty Hearse' then...

Anyway, having seen the extra interactive scenes, I wonder if:

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I was keeping an eye on the news this morning and frantically tapping on my phone when I arrived at work. I saw the photo of the hearse at about ten o'clock and made such a noise that my colleague asked me if I was okay; she thought I'd suddenly become ill!

Seriously, I am so, so glad that it's the 1st January. New year, new start.

And I've been doing some thinking too and you know; I've realised that Sherlock and John have, essentially, become label-less to me. I appreciate that some people see them as purely friends, but to me they are so much more than simply that, whether romantic or not; the only definite label I can attach to them is 'soulmates' and the rest is up to interpretation. I realise that they started out as 19th century products, but this is a 21st century interpretation and there's just something about this version that's so charged, so close and so very dear. I can't scoop them up in boxes. I've feared, though, in the past not being able to ship them anymore and who knows how the third series will turn out? I know things are probably going to change, in a big way, because Sherlock has probably hurt John in the worst way possible, even though he had the very best intentions.

But you know what? Whatever happens, it's not the end of the world. Whether you see them as friends, lovers, soulmates, whatever - they are, ultimately, Sherlock and John, two sides of the same coin. And that's alright; as long as we ourselves are happy with how we see them.
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Okay, so the US finally has a Sherlock Series 3 airdate.


Seriously, though, it's about time. At this point, I really would like to know what's going to happen; essentially, I want to be put out of my misery. ^_^ I'm a little worried that I won't like the show anymore, that it will have changed too drastically under a different director, that the relationships between the characters will be different - but we won't know until it airs.

And yes, as I've said before, I do regret not taking a bigger fandom role in the 2012-13 Reichenbach Hiatus. I do, honestly, but real life just got in the way. I've done a lot of reading anyway, so that's something.

Anyway... here's hoping. *crosses fingers*
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The pressure's on to really avoid Sherlock spoilers now.

I really wish I could throw myself into the fandom somewhere and resist the temptation to click on Daily Mail articles about the show. I did it last time, once, but I had an idea of what they were doing that time, so that was okay and I wasn't that worried.

This time, I really don't want to know - but between Twitter and Facebook, I'm worried the temptation might be too great. But I feel my tummy is doing the belly-button boogie a lot of the time whenever something new comes out.

I know it sounds silly - but Sherlock has come to mean so much to me. When I first watched it, three years ago, I had literally no idea that it was coming until the day before, perhaps even on the day itself and I fell in love from Day 1. I was just drifting through fandom before it came along and I needed something new. But I want that element of surprise to stay the very same. I fear that as the series goes on, I might lose interest. I got nervous right before S2 and I'm feeling the same sense of nervousness now, because it's another thing that will be set in stone forever - the fandom is as much of the show for me as the show itself. And because I haven't written any fanfiction for it for a while now, I worry about letting the chance slip through my fingers while there's still time and actually, to that end, I really don't mind waiting until Christmas. I've never felt so strongly about any other show than I have about this one.


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