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Ever since Sherlock: Series 2 aired, I have:

Confirmed my place in the land of the fangirls )
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So, now that those little monsters that kept me up all night my two essays are in, and I've got 2:1 on my Poetry Portfolio, my first of this academic year, time for more Reichenbaching!

'I'm not actually that angry, okay?' )
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Okay, I lied. I haven't watched the whole episode, just little bits. I don't have time to say much, because I still have another *counts on fingers* 900, 800 words to do on this essay, ish, and I'm really just trying to fill the pages. Yes, I know, I had the whole bloody holiday to do it, now I have eleven and a half hours, because I suck. Yes, I KNOW. My aching shoulder is the scolding. I will try and work harder this term.

Anyway, what's got me bouncing off the walls - and oddly enough, given me a boost - is this:

I can't explain the state that I'm in... )
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That awkward moment when, prompted by the new series and that lovely "gang's all here" thing going on, you're listening to the Glee soundtrack and you start imagining all the Sherlock cast singing various songs.

Only I've got, in my mind's eye, Molly's singing Lea's version of "Firework" with Mrs Hudson as backup and she's doing good. Now everyone's singing "Loser Like Me."
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So I am nervous. Completely nervous, okay, about Sherlock coming back.

I know, WHY? I should be excited. And I am. I truly am. I honestly am, honestly. But I am nervous, nervous as hell.

Why? )
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Okay, I just saw those clips of the new series of Sherlock that have been posted, both on Cultfix and on BBC Breakfast and, in no particular order:

I think I need to change my underwear. )


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