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The pressure's on to really avoid Sherlock spoilers now.

I really wish I could throw myself into the fandom somewhere and resist the temptation to click on Daily Mail articles about the show. I did it last time, once, but I had an idea of what they were doing that time, so that was okay and I wasn't that worried.

This time, I really don't want to know - but between Twitter and Facebook, I'm worried the temptation might be too great. But I feel my tummy is doing the belly-button boogie a lot of the time whenever something new comes out.

I know it sounds silly - but Sherlock has come to mean so much to me. When I first watched it, three years ago, I had literally no idea that it was coming until the day before, perhaps even on the day itself and I fell in love from Day 1. I was just drifting through fandom before it came along and I needed something new. But I want that element of surprise to stay the very same. I fear that as the series goes on, I might lose interest. I got nervous right before S2 and I'm feeling the same sense of nervousness now, because it's another thing that will be set in stone forever - the fandom is as much of the show for me as the show itself. And because I haven't written any fanfiction for it for a while now, I worry about letting the chance slip through my fingers while there's still time and actually, to that end, I really don't mind waiting until Christmas. I've never felt so strongly about any other show than I have about this one.
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I just watched World's Most Dangerous Roads with tonight's episode featuring Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes.


She's cheeky, she's a thrill-seeker, she hung out of the window, she stopped to give lifts to random people, she wore cardigans, she asked Hugh if he'd ever been kidnapped and Hugh said she had a spirit of adventure and was ready to go exploring every morning.

The perfect model for Joan or Joanna Watson. I mean, I knew it before, but this just confirms it.


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