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Fandom: Sherlock
Author: ellieet
Summary: Well, that’s what Christmas is all about, really. Love.


On Christmas night, John holds out both arms to Sherlock and draws him, gently and with care, into them, puts a hand to his back.

‘Happy Christmas, you,’ he says, simple and soft and closes his eyes for a minute, rubs the detective’s spine. Sherlock moves; grunts something in reply but what’s more telling, John thinks, is the way that Sherlock slips an arm right around his shoulders in return, presses his cheek against John’s hair. It’s nice, actually; John likes it. His hair is ordinary, dull and grey next to Sherlock’s lovely-looking curls, but. Still. It’s a gentle kind of being. A sort of silent stay.

The remnants of Christmas are strewn around them, or their version of a Christmas at least; a small tree, a few lights and the remains of their Chinese takeaway on the coffee-table. They haven’t felt like celebrating a lot this year – not sure they’ve had too much to celebrate.

Still, it’s okay. Sherlock is here. And John is here. And they made it through alright. So, that’s. That’s something. It’s fine. Well. It’s not all fine, not really. But they’re safe in here and John can, for his part at least, do his best to keep them both that way.

‘Happy Christmas, John.’ And Sherlock’s arm tightens around him as he says it back.

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Title: Anchor
Fandom: Sherlock
Characters: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson
Summary: When Sherlock is minding his own business, John will hug him. (221b format, Post-Reichenbach, pre-Series 3). No spoilers, apart from mentioning how long Sherlock's been gone according to the writers.


Anchor )


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