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One of my Cabin Pressure fics, Something Different, has been nominated for an award! *happy dance* The award is The Best Thing Since Rainbows and it's the 2017 Headline Awards (it has a community both on Tumblr and here on LJ as the tonyhead_awards) celebrating Anthony Head and all his work. I'm really pleased; what a wonderful surprise to wake up to.

I've been hearing all about Hamilton from several different sources; it's coming to the UK and everyone who's got a ticket is really excited. The first I heard of it was when my facebook news feed was exploding with the happiness of friends who had brought a ticket. My TL is one of them and she told us all about it last night at a group gathering. I've been listening to the soundtrack; I'm not quite sure what to make of it, but it's definitely catchy.

There's currently a roast chicken in the oven and some potatoes boiling on the stove that will shortly be going in the oven, but first, a few more thoughts about Sherlock on Sunday. (Completely pointless FYI: By the time I finished and published this, I had already eaten some of it, having been cooking between writing and thinking and at this point in time, am about to go back for seconds!)

The Game is On, BUT...(SPOILERS and swearing; I apologise. Bad Ellie!) )
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What's this? A tiny little ficlet, you say!
Only a 221b - a tiny little missing scene from His Last Vow. Spoilers within. Would be pleased to hear your opinions - be as honest as you like.

Snap )
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Well, we've got a lot of cause to be proud of Benedict and Martin this week, haven't we? But, I'm surprised (and a little disappointed) that His Last Vow picked up an award for Outstanding Writing.

I hated HLV and it's the key reason why, for the most part, I felt let-down by Series 3. Yes, it was well performed and there were twists and turns aplenty and the Mind Palace sequence was impeccable.

But at the risk of sounding as though I'm throwing my toys out of the pram: I never want to see another episode like that again. Sherlock is no saint, I get that and I understand that feeling of wanting to wring his neck. But that's just Sherlock and we've had three series to get used to it. And he was so badly treated in this episode that it hurts to watch; by the end it felt as though he had been thrust out into the cold. And his and John's friendship wasn't written much better; there were times when they were just so out of sync with each other and by HLV, they were like strangers.

And I do not want Mofftiss to decide to focus on the bad stuff; I don't want them thinking, 'Hey, let's make it dark and devastating!' No no no. I want adventure; I want a long-lasting relationship. I want to actually enjoy this show again.

I was watching A Study in Pink a few days ago and besides being struck by how young Sherlock seemed, I also realised how much he had changed throughout the series. He was a cold, untouchable man in SiP; brisk, with only the occasional smile and obviously, that changed. It was quite startling, actually. How the fandom times change.
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Title: A Stone’s Throw Away
Fandom: Sherlock/Danger Mouse. Yes, absolutely. :)
Author: Ellie
Rating: G
A/N: I couldn't not. Unbeta'ed, so feedback much appreciated.

‘Cor, I do wish that Doctor Watson would stop throwing stones at our pillarbox!’
‘He’s only jealous, Penfold. He’s only Sherlock Holmes’ assistant.’


Another day, another experiment that had completely blown up the kitchen and it was tiredness and resignation, more than anything else, that had John striding out of 221b and away down Baker Street. )
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So, I have a random question for Sherlockians:

Is it likely, given the last couple of minutes of His Last Vow, that all the main characters - Sherlock, John, Mary, Mrs Hudson, et al - would be put into protective custody, courtesy of Mycroft? I'm just wondering, regarding a possible fic.

Really, it seems like the most plausible option, although it probably wouldn't happen in the show. There's things I'd like the characters do that they wouldn't be able to do in custody. So...what do you all think?
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Lionel Richie and Miranda Hart are serving my purpose tonight ie. by making me giggle.

So, there's some stuff going around my head, based on some other posts and comments I've read and a lot of it concerns the Sherlock fandom.

I love this show. I love this fandom. I love the people I've met through it and the way it's brought me out of my shell.

But this fandom also makes me think too much - which is not a good thing. Yesterday I was thinking about my fangirl tendencies and I thought, I'd kind of like to reel it in a bit, here. I can honestly over-analyse about the smallest things and it can drive me absolutely crazy. Today I wondered about the connections between Sherlock, Janine and Irene. It takes me away from more important things. Honestly, I think I fell hard and fast for this show and I don't know when to take a step back. I don't want to be one of those people acting all pissed off at Amanda Abbington just because she plays Mary. I don't want to spend my time ruminating about a show I'm supposed to be enjoying.

Sometimes though, enjoyment can become obsession.

Don't get me wrong: I know a lot of sensible Sherlock fans - many of them are on my flist - and I love those people to bits. But the wider insanity of the fandom can genuinely do odd things to my blood pressure and make me feel overwhelmed. And not in a good way.

And at the moment, I'm finding I'm really going for gentle, calming fics with little to no sex. One fic I've been enjoying, I've kind of... I read the First Time chapter and all I could think was, 'Meh, this isn't doing anything for me.' I'm just... I don't want that right now. I want hugs and cuddles and comforting and head-nuzzling. Simple physical contact that just feels soothing and calming. Soft stroking. One character telling the other they're there for them.

Ooh, my toes are curling just thinking about it.

My problem though? I tend to force myself to read something, just to 'check' I still like it. It's like reaction checking. And of course then, I don't enjoy it at all. I think I'm trying to ensure for myself that I'm not being narrow-minded, or anything like that.

I know I've put varying levels of this drivel on the lj before, but... this is me doing what's best for me. One thing I'm proud of is the fact I'm branching into other fandoms; I have a Hobbit piece that just needs a beta and there's a Cabin Pressure piece in the pipeline.

I don't know. I miss the days when things were simpler. I wish I had a few more fandoms to branch into.
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Watching the Sign of Three again.

And you know, this is the problem, this is the big, big, big problem.

What a lady, what a night. )
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So, slight fangirl problem.

I got Sherlock Series 3 on DVD last week and really, it's taken me a while to work up the courage to sit down and watch it properly. Such a wuss. I don't know, Series 3 really took me, emotionally, to the cleaners. I'm considering maybe watching Series 1 again because of the nostalgia. But, I bucked up tonight with a glass of Appletiser and decided to break it in. Honestly, I need to grow up bit. Anyway, His Last Vow is playing in front of me as I type.

Last night, I fell asleep in front of Young Sherlock Holmes (when I woke up, it took me an embarrassingly long time to come around and I had to crack open a bag of Minstrels to help me out). Really, my basic reaction was TGINC: Thank God It's Not Canon. I know it's not anyway and I know it's just a version of, just another piece of speculation and maybe I'm just judging it by BC!Sherlock standards, but...yeah. Need to delete that from the Sky Box.

And have you ever had one of those days where you have a fangirl conversation with someone who just completely 'gets it'? I got on a Robbie the Reindeer kick this week (an Aardman-style cartoon with an impressive voice-cast) partly because I remembered it from when I was a kid, partly because Ardal O'Hanlon was the voice of Robbie and I'm also a Father Ted fan - although I only found that out recently. So I recorded Hooves of Fire and The Lost Tribe on the Sky Box because for whatever reason they were on at two o'clock in the morning and I was up watching it by six.

When I was at volunteering later on in the day, a girl I knew from school and Uni came in with her partner and while she was choosing clothes we were chatting. When I mentioned I was tired because I'd been up early watching Robbie the Reindeer, I expected a typically mystified reaction but she grinned and said 'Ardal O'Hanlon?' and then added she was also a Father Ted fan. Cue a high-five. :D Yippee.

I watched the League of Gentlemen last night and had to switch off after about ten minutes. Sorry, beautifully acted, beautifully written, but the humour... yeah. Not for me.

Also, grumpy old fangirl time ala the Hobbit (spoilers) )
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We are on a fresh hiatus.

We are on a fresh hiatus.


Is it bad that I'm relieved the series is over? I mean, it was harder this time around for so many reasons and I know a lot of people were worried. But we know now. And while I'm not entirely satisfied with the cliffhanger - sorry, Moffat, nothing trumps the ending for Series 1, stop trying to outdo everything - well, it's alright. It's over and we know.

I am one seriously weird fangirl.
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Okay, I'm going to be as brutally and painfully honest with you all as I can here:

As a fan of Sherlock and a telly lover to boot, I am very, very impressed.

As a fanfic writer/reader, I am honestly, truly, exceptionally pissed off.

More spoilers. )
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Really? I mean - REALLY?

Okay, look. There is a lot in this episode that was great and I need time to process it all.

But the thing that gets me:

Spoilers. )
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Y'know, I'm not entirely happy with John's blog at the moment.

Just... it's hard to put my finger on and I know he and Sherlock quarrel and it's part of their relationship but in some of these latest entries, John sounds a bit bitchy and occasionally uppity and says things about Sherlock I'm not sure he would normally say, that just don't quite seem in with my perception of him. I know, he's probably still irritated at Sherlock for faking his own death for two years, fair enough. But I really don't think the official blog does John's character justice because sometimes, the teasing seems to become slight over-mockery. I mean, saying things in the heat of the moment is one thing, but writing it down...

But then I've never been happy with that blog and it's not meant to be taken seriously, so... but what do other people think? Am I just mistaken?
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Title: Anchor
Fandom: Sherlock
Characters: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson
Summary: When Sherlock is minding his own business, John will hug him. (221b format, Post-Reichenbach, pre-Series 3). No spoilers, apart from mentioning how long Sherlock's been gone according to the writers.


Anchor )
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I stayed off the Internet yesterday because I was a little worried about stumbling across spoilers for the Sherlock preview; I'd like to be surprised, please! I've only just found out about what Caitlin Moran did during the Q&A session.

Maybe it's because I didn't hear about it first hand and I'm just getting a second-hand reaction now, but yeah, this pisses me off. It's nosy and it's intrusive, what she did. To be frank, I didn't mind so much when Graham Norton did it, because he was more of a playful tease about it and Martin was pretty cool about it; plus, he wasn't asked to read anything out, just sit and look and the audience got to look as well. Maybe that's hypocritical of me, I don't know. I'm up for discussion for that.

But you know something? For a long time, I actually thought there was something 'wrong' with me because of my fanfiction tastes. I thought I needed to change. I was able though, in the end, to accept myself, accept the nature and yearnings of my own sexuality, accept that I had been rigid with myself and I didn't need to be so uptight, with the help of some clever people. (Truly, I'm sorry if that offends anyone; it upsets me when I look back). I feel so stupid for feeling like that and the dark places where it led me.

This though, Caitlin? This doesn't fucking help.

Really hope this doesn't end fandom as we know it. Johnlock is fun, yes, but it's not all there is to Sherlock. And it's not all about porn, either (don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking it or criticising anyone who writes it; just saying it's not all there is to the fandom, that's all). We're learning something everyday; we actually do understand (something I've only grasped recently) that friendship is the most crucial thing; trust and loyalty and mutual understanding. A lot of us simply want romance and love because we're creative, we interpret things in different ways, we can't keep our minds locked up. It's not just a case of jumping into a bed together, it's a case of building a relationship and feeling that affection, through smiles, through shared laughter, through looking after someone who's given you a reason to live. And we all write about it in different ways. Some people can write an excellent love-scene - others simply want to see a bit of a cuddle. We're human. We all want to feel the love - and what better way than when you find a story that makes you feel that love, that laughter, that sense of protection, not just in Sherlock but everywhere. For instance, I've found beautiful stories in the Hobbit fandom since I saw the film (I personally adore the Bilbo/Bofur ship) and I find there are stories that do real justice to relationships, both gay and straight - just as there are in Sherlock.

And guess what? I find, since discovering Sherlock, that there's a greater understanding of sexuality and relationships in this fandom than any other I've known. This is such an accepting fandom and it's leading me to be accepting in turn, to understand other people's viewpoints. Asexuality, fluidity, genderswap; it's all good here. I've learnt so much more and I feel I'm still being taught every day by different, clever people.

So kindly don't mock it.
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Oh fuck

Oh guys

I can't

I can't

Seriously, that's probably the biggest clip spoiler I've had thus far (as in, actually seeing the characters do their thing)

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Okay, could someone bring me up to speed with what's happening in the Sherlock fandom?

Just, I'm hearing that [SPOILERS! Of the S3 kind] )
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I was keeping an eye on the news this morning and frantically tapping on my phone when I arrived at work. I saw the photo of the hearse at about ten o'clock and made such a noise that my colleague asked me if I was okay; she thought I'd suddenly become ill!

Seriously, I am so, so glad that it's the 1st January. New year, new start.

And I've been doing some thinking too and you know; I've realised that Sherlock and John have, essentially, become label-less to me. I appreciate that some people see them as purely friends, but to me they are so much more than simply that, whether romantic or not; the only definite label I can attach to them is 'soulmates' and the rest is up to interpretation. I realise that they started out as 19th century products, but this is a 21st century interpretation and there's just something about this version that's so charged, so close and so very dear. I can't scoop them up in boxes. I've feared, though, in the past not being able to ship them anymore and who knows how the third series will turn out? I know things are probably going to change, in a big way, because Sherlock has probably hurt John in the worst way possible, even though he had the very best intentions.

But you know what? Whatever happens, it's not the end of the world. Whether you see them as friends, lovers, soulmates, whatever - they are, ultimately, Sherlock and John, two sides of the same coin. And that's alright; as long as we ourselves are happy with how we see them.
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Someone at the BBC: "Oh, I know! They're all sitting around at home, waiting for tonight - why don't we add to the fun by updating John Watson's blog?"

Screw this no-chocolate thing, I'm getting out the Jaffa Cakes.
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Haha, you know what I just found out?

On Ao3, there are over 18000 fanfics in the Doctor Who fandom.

In the Sherlock fandom, we recently hit 41000 fics and the number is growing and growing and growing.

I just find that amazing. I think that Doctor Who and Sherlock have a lot in common because they both have history; different stories and different portrayals in both. But there's something about Sherlock, despite everything that has a kind of simplicity to it. Maybe it's because the characterisation is so flexible; you feel there's more than one way of interpreting the characters. Or maybe it's because in Sherlock, there's something for everyone. There's room for everyone and everything and we all get along.

Yay. :) I mean, I'm a bit Whovian at the moment, for obvious reasons - and I've spent my Saturday night watching Doctor Who episodes on BBC3. But still, yay for the Holmes crew!

In other news, I think I've just about given up on Atlantis.


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