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I was so sad to hear this news; I found out from a friend's facebook status, which was a bit of a shock, but then these things always are when you find out the news online. And, I suppose better to hear it through a friend in some way, rather than a news-article.

Loads of people are labelling Roger as Trigger from Only Fools and Horses but that's not who he was to me, growing up (and I hope people don't simply limit him to that in their tributes simply because it was his earliest role). To me, he was always Owen Newitt in The Vicar of Dibley, because that's where I saw him first and out of all his roles, it's my personal favourite because he just made me laugh so much.

And as I was growing up he just kept on acting and acting and acting - Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - going from playing total dimwits to men who were cold-hearted or straight-laced or simply steadfast in the blink of an eye. And everything he played, he played beautifully. His turn as Barty Crouch in Goblet of Fire always got to me in particular because I was so used to him playing an idiot, sex-obsessed farmer with a beard and then he was doing a fantastic turn as this official, uptight yet haunted man. Roger was never my mental picture for Crouch in the book but no-one else could have done it half as well. Same goes for his role as the villainous John Lumic in the 2006 series of Doctor Who. Completely chilling.

I had actually hoped to meet Roger in person at the Hay festival in May as the programme stated he was to feature on the last day, but he didn't appear and was replaced with someone else - I realise now that must have been because he was poorly, perhaps because he had only recently been diagnosed with cancer, or was simply too busy, who knows. I am so glad, though, that he was able to play Owen one last time in last year's Vicar of Dibley special. I wish I had a clip of one of his best moments in the show - punching out the lights of an obnoxious man from the water-company (and in fact I wouldn't mind that as a GIF) - but unfortunately I can't find it, so I shall settle for these: (For those who may not know who Roger is, he's the first one to start singing in both; he had quite a powerful voice)

Rest in peace, Roger, you utterly fabulous and talented man. Thanks for making the world a funnier place.
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My parents and I had an interesting conversation over dinner tonight regarding Benedict Cumberbatch's appearance in last night's Top Gear.

Mum: "He's really short, Ellie!"
Me: "He's not!"
(We quickly conclude that anyone can look short next to Clarkson anyway)
Me: "He's still a head taller than Martin Freeman; he towers over him."
Mum: "Oh, he's tiddly!" (Yes, she actually said that)
Me: "He is! He's the shortest character in any scene."
Dad: "But deadly."

My Dad gets it; my Dad completely GETS it. And the shop was full of fellow Cumberbitches today, talking about Benedict's appearance over the till, which made things more interesting.

On a far less happier note: Corey Monteith. Oh, no. :( I genuinely didn't believe it when I heard the news; I thought it was some kind of prank. What a horrible thing. I can't imagine how the other Glee members - Lea Michele and Chris Colfer in particular - are feeling and I'm so sorry for Lea especially, losing Corey like that so unexpectedly.

I will say this: I think Ryan Murphy really messed around with Finn's character and he wasn't one of my favourites. But Corey had a fantastic voice and sang some great songs (in a moment of nostalgia, I've re-downloaded "Jessie's Girl" onto my iPod) and had a real talent. And from what I've seen since his death, he was apparently a nice guy to chat to and was quite kind. I hope, within Glee, itself, they give Finn a decent send-off.
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This whole Margaret Thatcher/Ding Dong the Witch is Dead thing? No. Just no.

I realise that it's a spoof/joke thing, I do. But, really, honestly, how tasteless is it?

I  will come out and say it: I know next to nothing about Margeret Thatcher, she was before my time and my Mum and Dad actually had to bring me up to speed the last week over why people have hated her so, enough to propose this campaign. So yes, maybe I am being naive and silly and out of the loop.

But for cries' sake - a woman has died. A woman who was a mother and a wife as well as a Prime Minister. And it is always hard to lose someone you love. And yes, this is a woman who hurt and offended people though her politics and from what Mum and Dad have told me she made some epic mistakes and there are people who still hate her for it. But - she was kicked out of politics a long time ago. Whether her mistakes have been rectified in the meantime is another debate altogether; I am no expert and I'm not even going to touch that topic with a barge-pole. And as time went on and she aged and became more ill, it was obvious she'd never get back into politics anyway, as mean as that might sound. So why celebrate now, when she'd been an essentially harmless presence for several years?

So, yeah, I really wish people would calm down about this. Maybe it's easy for me to say. It's just awful to see people celebrating a woman's death and being unkind at the expense of her family, especially when she's only been dead a week. I know you can't control the way people think, but I can't imagine how it must be, knowing that people are celebrating the death of your Mum. If you didn't like her, celebrate the fact she was no longer in politics for a long time - but don't be so disrespectful over her passing.
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Mark Hall, one half of the amazing animation company Cosgrove Hall, which brought us Danger Mouse and Count Duckula and Avenger Penguins and Victor and Hugo and many others besides, has passed away.


I can't thank this bloke for everything he did. Danger Mouse and Penfold got me through the tough years, teased as I was for loving them so much, and CH was everything zany and funny and vibrant and unique. I adored every bit of the show, and I still do. It's here in my uni-room with me, and it's a comfort to have here. And it's because of him and Brian Cosgrove, because they're the stuff of legend.

RIP, Mark, you will be much missed.

Norway. :(

Jul. 23rd, 2011 05:38 pm
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What an absolutely horrible thing to happen. All those teenagers, people's children, cut down in completely awful circumstances.

At the risk of sounding selfish, I want to hide myself in "Going Anywhere" for a while. I just can't fathom what's happened right now, and I really don't want to start thinking about it, why another horrible thing has happened in the world. All I can think right now, is that those people were young, younger than me even, if it was a youth-camp. Just...


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