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 Okay, so I was browsing around on iPlayer - I have tomorrow off, all being well, so I wrote six pages of fanfic (yay) - and thought about watching a little more Doctor Who before I went to bed, when I saw that the latest episode of the Graham Norton show had been released (it only aired about an hour or so ago). I hadn't realised, but Martin Freeman was one of those on the sofa and he has gone completely silver. Utterly silver. Not a hint of blonde remains.

I'm sorry, I don't usually do this and it's stating the obvious here, but I'm so used to seeing him with a mixture of blonde/grey, particularly in his role of John Watson. He remains as sassy as ever, though and did some really impressive punching in the guest exercise - although his interview wasn't as long as the others' this time, as he was the last one onto the sofa and didn't come on until about halfway through. He's got a new play coming out with Sarah Lancashire, so he's keeping busy. <3

Richard III

Aug. 2nd, 2014 09:25 pm
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I completely forgot to mention to you all that I went to see my booked performance of Richard III last weekend. I originally booked them for myself and a friend, but she had to pull out, so my Dad came with me instead. And actually, I'm glad he did.

Thoughts and review; spoilers and fangirl-ranting )
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So I just found out Martin Freeman's been cast in a new US series, 'Fargo' which will be out next year. Gah, I'm so proud of him. It'll be a bit funny seeing him in something else though; he's been rather bound by Sherlock and the Hobbit over the last three years (and I still don't know how the hell he managed to squeeze The World's End in, which I still haven't seen) while Benedict's been able to get around a bit more; to see Martin in something completely different will be a change.

I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to more though: Sherlock or the Hobbit. I'm getting a bit nervous again, regarding Sherlock; just, the gaps between series are so big and after a while you get used to an acquired head-canon and filling in the gaps and you have that for about two years. And then, the show itself comes back to fill in those gaps for you. Sherlock has one of the biggest fanbases with room for everyone (and I kind of regret not writing more for it over the last year or so, RL being as it is) but what will happen this time? More than that, I'm worried about 'going off' Sherlock. For the first time in a long time I've been a part of a television show fandom right from the start, and I don't want to lose that. I just get nervous before each new series now; this actually happened last time, especially given what we know for certain. Silly worries, I know, but that's how much the show means.

With the Hobbit, though, it feels like a bit of fun; a 'casual affair' because while I'm not into the wider Tolkien fandom, I like the film and I like the characters, after ploughing through the tedious depths of the book. It's just a lovely change.

And I know I've said it before, but the fact is, I am so proud of Martin. So, so proud. I remember him from the days pre-Sherlock, when we would watch The Office in Media class while studying sitcoms and he was known as Arthur Dent and the nude stand-in from Love Actually only; someone who had just done 'okay enough.'

But Martin has proved that he's got what it takes. The roles of John Watson and Bilbo Baggins were absolutely tailor-made for him (sidenote: I find it quite funny Daniel Radcliffe was considered for the role of Bilbo, I doubt he'd want to be tied to another film series in a hurry!) He's one of the slightly older actors, so wonderfully British and he's had such a raw deal at times; only now I'm hearing of all these other things he appeared in and some of them have just been so dire (Nativity's been good and I like the series Hardware, but I'd never heard of them until post-Sherlock). But he's kept going. He's tried anything and everything and he got there in the end, he was defiant, he was - and is - brilliant. More than that, he's modest about it. He won't take advantage of being one of the most well-known men around now; he doesn't expose his kids to the media, he's open and easy to the fans and in a way, he's like an understanding big brother/father figure. He's not attention-seeking, he's not weird, he doesn't seem to think the fans are weird, in fact he understands. He's just Martin. And that's wonderful.

(Oh and on a separate note: that job I was interviewed for? Didn't get it. *shrugs*)


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