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... Wow.

So, er, given today's Recday Sunday over on [livejournal.com profile] sherlockbbc is dark-fic, I grew curious and read a couple.


Well-written, hard-hitting, characterisation so wonderfully good... but I really didn't like it. I felt like I was being smothered with a layer of something.

I can't handle darkfic. I like hurt/comfort fic, but darkfic? Nope. Just doesn't do it for me, unless the dark material remains uncondoned and there's a resolution to the bad stuff, which to these two fanfics there was. I know it's more about exploration of the issue, which is what Jodi Picoult and Dorothy Koomson do with their plots. Plus, I know that my reaction is slightly ironic, given what goes on in Being Human and what Moffat and Gatiss do on the show itself anyway. Plus, it is only fiction, and as long as it remains uncondoned, well...

Yeah, erm... right.

Trouble that at times like these I get into an OCD mindset, and yes, I know that's stupid. I know what I'm doing is "okay" and that it's not a big deal. I think it's more to do with my own moral compass. Sometimes I'm just not sure what to think, but then I become too self-repressive. It's about finding the line between my own sense of wrong and right and I just want to feel satisfied, and safe, with what I'm writing, and what I'm reading.

But heck, I've found out something new about myself today. I don't like darkfic that much, but remain impressed by the ideas and the resolutions I've read anyway - more so by the fact that the dark stuff was uncondoned, and powerfully and carefully written; John was the conscience to Sherlock, and the voice of reason, and in the end, everything was alright. I can only take a little bit of darkness, more on the level of the fanfic "The Hardy Boys," but perhaps a lot little more h/c in my life would be lovely. I've figured out the compromise, so that's good.

Yah, this white geek pretty much can't take anything too weighty... But that's okay.


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