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Sherlock, the Hobbit and Hollyoaks. Some spoilers for the latter two.

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Oct. 24th, 2013 08:26 pm
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So, I just found out some really significant Hollyoaks spoilers regarding John-Paul McQueen. Here's the news and my thoughts on the subjects:

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I am still holding out for McDean. I am so, so pathetic.

And just what the bloody hell has Emma Rigby done to herself??? She was gorgeous before, why did she need to change herself so drastically?
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So, after being a good girl and getting my American Poetry homework finished, I decided to devote the rest of the afternoon to writing. Structure? A promise of the day's routine getting better? I love it.

Anyway, while I was reading some fanfiction, I stumbled across a collection of drabbles that had been inspired by the following meme: Meme where you put your iPod on shuffle and write a little drabble based on each song, only for the length of the song. As a lover of both writing and music, I had to try it. Started off a bit sketchy and then got into it - so much so that I actually lost count and ended up writing thirteen drabbles. I took out the three weakest (the last one was actually awful) but I kept the rest. It was good fun, a real challenge.


Six for Sherlock, two for Beautiful People, one for Hollyoaks and one for the History Boys )
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After three and a half hours sleep after coming back from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 midnight premiere (which was bloody brilliant, by the by; puts the last two films to shame) I dragged myself in for my American Lit lecture. And instead of paying attention, I wrote a rough outline in my notebook for this:

Title: Imperfect Autumn Days
Fandom: Hollyoaks
Pairing: John-Paul/Craig
Summary: A cold morning in one of Dublin's parks.
Spoilers: Major for last week's episodes, dubbed "Inferno Week."


He woke up to an empty space... )
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Title: Support
Fandom: Hollyoaks
Summary: Craig has to carry on coping.
Pairing: Craig/John-Paul
Title: PG-13

Written because I've been missing them.


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