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Ooh, interesting question. Truth be told, I don't care for Valentine's in the romantic sense although I admit it would be nice to get a card just to show someone cares.

For me, the upside of Valentine's Day is having an excuse to buy loads of chocolate and lust after my favourite fictional male characters, so watch out fellas, your fanfiction mistress is coming to town! Anyway, there might be cause for celebration; my housemates and I might do something, go clubbing and I can have the night off to dance with my imaginary boyfriend! :) Also, it's Gordon Tracy's birthday! *Glee*

The downside is I tend to get lonely seeing all the other couples and I get blemishes and extra poundage from the chocolate.
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It would be Anti-OCD Day - or more specifically, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Sucks, So Let's Take a Stand and Have a Good Time ! :) Everyone would have the day off school and work and would spend the morning relaxing and NOT worrying. There would be meetings with patients discussing what type of OCD they have and how they have coped and what they could do better over the next year. And of course, there would be chocolate cake and ice-cream

The afternoon would be a happy happy happy one in which we celebrate life. There would be a big party with a disco with all the great classic songs (It wouldn't be a disco without 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' or 'Reach') but there would also be a few significant ones such as 'Come and Follow Me' by Max Carl and Marcy Levy or 'Shine' by Take That (both of which have been my recovery songs).

So, that's pretty much it. No work-stress, lovely long lie-ins, a chance to reflect, a chance to dance - and LOTS and LOTs of black forest gateau and Ben and Jerry's Fossil Fuel!

Who's up for it? :)


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