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Guys, I wonder if I could bother you all for some advice as per my yearly constitution?

Before we go any further - beneath this here cut is spoilers regarding the third series of Sherlock, with regards to some particular, recent news. If you don't know and you don't want to be spoiled, PLEASE don't go any further.

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I got myself into a right state this evening.

I thought I'd try and do some more stuff on Going Anywhere (because, seriously, it's been ten months since I published the last chapter) but ended up pushing myself too far between writing and brainstorming. There are still gaps in how to get to A to B, only a vague idea. When I was working on the very last scene I got myself tangled up with the little intimates of it. I can't say too much, because I don't want to give the game away, but that's when I got upset and started thinking "This is shite," like some big writing comedown and came close to crying. I was trying to get the very last scene 'right' and I think I ruined the simplicity of it as a whole, the intimacy. I guess I just don't want to disappoint any readers who might still be interested.

I know it's silly to be this into a story, as I haven't given it much attention. But I love this universe so much. I have wondered about writing something else for the setting in the meantime, but I guess I was afraid of being sloppy. I'm also worried because I lot changes in a year, including a writing-style and I'm worried there might be a contrast.

And... I don't want this story to go dark. Some of the ideas I brainstormed for the story were just too much and I want to keep it simple; Sherlock and Joan are Uni students, after all, and there ought to be a limit as to how much they can take. I don't want to make it frightening.

Damn, I should have just read a book.
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Work has resumed on "Going Anywhere." I'm determined to finish the damn thing, but to be honest, I really wouldn't mind writing something new besides that. I don't think I'd realised it until now, but it actually feels a little weird, writing a story I started on the back of Series 1 and now really want to finish on the back of Series 2, when things have 'moved on' in the show itself; things have developed. On top of everything else, it'll just be stupid if it still hasn't been finished when Series 3 starts. And to be honest, I haven't made the most of the second Great Fandom Hiatus, which, oddly enough, is part of what I like about Sherlock.

Yeah, just to clarify, I am in fact talking about Sherlock here.


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