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So, slight fangirl problem.

I got Sherlock Series 3 on DVD last week and really, it's taken me a while to work up the courage to sit down and watch it properly. Such a wuss. I don't know, Series 3 really took me, emotionally, to the cleaners. I'm considering maybe watching Series 1 again because of the nostalgia. But, I bucked up tonight with a glass of Appletiser and decided to break it in. Honestly, I need to grow up bit. Anyway, His Last Vow is playing in front of me as I type.

Last night, I fell asleep in front of Young Sherlock Holmes (when I woke up, it took me an embarrassingly long time to come around and I had to crack open a bag of Minstrels to help me out). Really, my basic reaction was TGINC: Thank God It's Not Canon. I know it's not anyway and I know it's just a version of, just another piece of speculation and maybe I'm just judging it by BC!Sherlock standards, but...yeah. Need to delete that from the Sky Box.

And have you ever had one of those days where you have a fangirl conversation with someone who just completely 'gets it'? I got on a Robbie the Reindeer kick this week (an Aardman-style cartoon with an impressive voice-cast) partly because I remembered it from when I was a kid, partly because Ardal O'Hanlon was the voice of Robbie and I'm also a Father Ted fan - although I only found that out recently. So I recorded Hooves of Fire and The Lost Tribe on the Sky Box because for whatever reason they were on at two o'clock in the morning and I was up watching it by six.

When I was at volunteering later on in the day, a girl I knew from school and Uni came in with her partner and while she was choosing clothes we were chatting. When I mentioned I was tired because I'd been up early watching Robbie the Reindeer, I expected a typically mystified reaction but she grinned and said 'Ardal O'Hanlon?' and then added she was also a Father Ted fan. Cue a high-five. :D Yippee.

I watched the League of Gentlemen last night and had to switch off after about ten minutes. Sorry, beautifully acted, beautifully written, but the humour... yeah. Not for me.

Also, grumpy old fangirl time ala the Hobbit (spoilers) )
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I watched Atlantis tonight on BBC1 with my parents and honestly, watching it makes me pine a bit for the days of Merlin - which is why I've dug my old DVDs out and am watching the first episode with Mordred, which isn't all that different to what was going on tonight with Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules trying to protect a baby with a forbidden fate (although I kind of freaked out when I realised what that fate was).

With Atlantis, perhaps I recognise a little more of what's going on in the wider story as it's slightly more familiar, as I was always rather out of the loop with the legends of Merlin; all I knew beforehand was one or two stories here and there and the bulk of my knowledge came from The Sword in the Stone. I don't know how Atlantis will last; perhaps it will meet the same whimpering end as Merlin, perhaps not. We'll see.

Yay, though, new Who trailer! I'm still holding out for Sherlock most of all - I think they will do what they did before and broadcast it on New Year's Day, or maybe around Christmas. Personally, I don't mind that, because it's nice to know at least they've finished filming and I'd rather it came in fresh with the new year. I feel the fandoms are doing a winds of change thing right now; I'm going to be sad to say goodbye to Matt Smith and Sherlock's formula is probably also going to be different (especially if there is a new director) but that's what fandoms do.


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