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Okay, that was good.

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And yes, this is a Doctor Who review, quickly typed on my Dad's clunky keyboard:

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Someone at the BBC: "Oh, I know! They're all sitting around at home, waiting for tonight - why don't we add to the fun by updating John Watson's blog?"

Screw this no-chocolate thing, I'm getting out the Jaffa Cakes.
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Haha, you know what I just found out?

On Ao3, there are over 18000 fanfics in the Doctor Who fandom.

In the Sherlock fandom, we recently hit 41000 fics and the number is growing and growing and growing.

I just find that amazing. I think that Doctor Who and Sherlock have a lot in common because they both have history; different stories and different portrayals in both. But there's something about Sherlock, despite everything that has a kind of simplicity to it. Maybe it's because the characterisation is so flexible; you feel there's more than one way of interpreting the characters. Or maybe it's because in Sherlock, there's something for everyone. There's room for everyone and everything and we all get along.

Yay. :) I mean, I'm a bit Whovian at the moment, for obvious reasons - and I've spent my Saturday night watching Doctor Who episodes on BBC3. But still, yay for the Holmes crew!

In other news, I think I've just about given up on Atlantis.
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When I was in Chester back in July, I basically got an idea for a whole bunch of mini-crossovers with Harry Potter, to celebrate the last film coming out - essentially, all the characters of my favourite fandoms attending Hogwarts in their own individual universe. My friend Anna wanted to know exactly what I was giggling for when we were headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

In any case, I've got a fairly set one for Being Human, two different ones for Sherlock because my brain just HAS to do it with both John and Joan (doh...), yet another for Merlin and now my brain also just informed me that it wants a McDean one as well.

I tried saying no, it would hear nothing of it. First it wanted Craig in Hufflepuff, but now it wants him in Ravenclaw. Craig IS rather clever. As for John-Paul, I've no clue where the hell to put him. I can't quite see him in Gryffindor, but I'm actually kind of drawn towards Hufflepuff for him, Cedric Diggory-style. Sonny of course would be Slytherin.

And don't even get me started on The History Boys (even though I know exactly where to put Dakin and Scripps) and hell, even Thunderbirds. To save myself the anguish of that last one given a few obvious problems, let's just say the Tracys went to an American equivalent (because actually, now I think about it, save for a mention of American witches at the Quidditch World Cup, did JK even really mention any kind of US educational system?) and because I think about this way too much: Scott and Virgil went into Gryffindor, Gordon and Alan went into Hufflepuff, and John went into Ravenclaw.

... I should probably just stop there now. Except my brain wants a Doctor Who one as well.

... How the hell am I supposed to place a 900-year-old Time Lord at Hogwarts? How's that gonna WORK?
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*Brother, sister-in-law and baby niece came over to stay at ours for the weekend, and we had a lovely time. The niece tugged at my hair, chewed my fingers, loved the new Sooty and Soo glove-puppets and Thomas the Tank Engine cardboard book I gave her and tried to put the cat's tail in her mouth. Good times.

*After we'd put her to bed on the Saturday, following a big family meal, we sat outside with jackets, wine, cigarettes and Appletiser and had a chat. My brother and SIL spent nearly an hour discussing with me my writing, and sympathising when I explain that I often know how my stories begin, and how they're going to end, but with no clue of what to do in the middle. My brother, who's a journalist, said he could relate, and that I just needed to be a little more disciplined and told my Dad not to be so harsh with regards to the fact that I should finish something and that it's normal to bounce around with different ideas, and if I can't finish something, then I should just leave it alone for a while. I really appreciated that, it was one hell of a pep-talk.

*Sherlock fandom is being a little overwhelming. Just did a bit of reading and wow... it's all just a bit... dark, right now...

*... However, that's because we're all different, and Sherlock, like Doctor Who, was always going to be a tricky kind of fandom, but in a different way. Doctor Who is, after all, a family fandom. Sherlock is, when all is said and done, full of serial killing cabbies and people being strapped to bombs and ex-soldier turned companion and ex-druggie sociopath turned detective. But that's alright, because at the end of the day, John and Sherlock will be there for one another. (And it is just a show... yeah, that reasoning just isn't working with me either... there's no "just" about Sherlock).

*And anyway, not all of it's dark. Stick to what you like, say I. I'm a completely domestic teddy-bear when it comes to Sherlock/John, and I simply won't ship anyone else.

*My "used/very good" copy of So Long and Thanks for All the Fish arrived today, for under a fiver. Not bad. Of course, I've only just finished Life, the Universe and Everything after buying it eight months ago, don't know how long it's going to take me to finish this one.

*Doctor Who Experience was A. Maz. Ing.

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Title: Lone
Fandom: Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor)
Summary: Set during Human Nature/The Family of Blood. “Anything resembling friendliness, at least beyond Jenny, was completely out of the question.”
Rating: PG
This is for [livejournal.com profile] onedergirl29 who won me at help_haiti. Thankyou for your generosity, my love and I'm so sorry this took so long!
I was given two angles to go on for this story and I decided to go with this angle. I really enjoyed writing it, so I hope you all like it. Honest comments and constructive feedback are fully appreciated!


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