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Last one tonight guys. Possibly ever; I don't quite see how another series is going to follow if they're wrapping everything up. :(

All I can say is: thankyou. Thankyou to John Finnemore for writing it and sticking with it and giving me hours of enjoyment. Thankyou Benedict Cumberbatch for being awesome enough to lead me to it. And thankyou Benedict, Roger and Stephanie for making time in your busy careers to return to it, for never letting the fans down (apart from that one time Ben was ill, but that wasn't letting us down, that was just understandable) for coming back from your various sets in the television eye and stepping onto a small stage in front of a microphone to record something wonderful. For having the stamina. For not saying, 'Nah, can't be bothered, they'll get someone else for my part, it's only a radio-show, it's not like they can see us.'

Because they could have done - especially Benedict this time around. He didn't have to come back, he was so busy, he could have easily passed the role over to Tom Goodman-Hill, something I was afraid he might genuinely do at one point (Tom is good, but it is Ben on the front cover). But he didn't; he came back, squeezing the recordings, if I'm not mistaken, in-between trips abroad to promote Star Trek, and on his weekends, no less. He must have been so exhausted and worn out and yet he still did it, he came back from Hollywood and returned to something he started before he became well-known and he's still got it. I have so much respect for him. I know he's had job-offers flooding in since Sherlock and I don't know how he does it, but he's such a hard worker and yet so down to earth, and I love him for that and don't let this turn into a Cumbermonologue... And John, for not giving up on them - it had been, what, eighteen months, more, before he could start making plans for the show again and rather than abandoning it, he's wrapping it up. He's waited until he can snag them all again, get them all back; he's been patient, understanding that the original cast is what we want. They have all worked so hard on this show and I'm so glad they made it through together. Thanks to them, JF is my new pin-up, RA is the fellow I have an inappropriate crush on, SC is the kick-arse goddess and BC is just... well. They're all perfect really, aren't they?

EDIT: (Forty minutes later)


I sat up and squealed random nonsense at my Mum after we'd finished listening because HONESTLY

I'm having the equivalent of Reichenfeels. See, the problem here? I didn't watch Reichenbach Fall, so I didn't have time to 'appreciate' it. But now, I think I know exactly what the fans went through right after it ended.

I KNOW NOW, GUYS. I KNOW. #dramadramadrama
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Guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys.

Cabin Pressure's coming back.

As in, as in, as in: it's coming back. All brand-new. All shiny-like. All new jokes.

If there was ever a better time to get me weaned off the sheer misery of... well... EVERYTHING else in my life (Hollyoaks) this is it.

The odd thing is, my Mum heard about the airdate before I did. Meaning, I have totally converted her to the cause.

Ah, life before Benedict Cumberbatch. We were dead, but we didn't know it.


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