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Okay, everyone, prepare yourselves for some overdue review-type waffle; here be my review of Hamlet with Mr. C himself.
It's obviously been almost a month since I saw the performance, so I've been doing my best to recollect the events and remember what happened when in the play. I might share this review elsewhere, if it's not too much. Anyway, here we go; analysis from seven years of English Lit and self-righteous opinions ahoy:

Hamlet at the Barbican, 02.10.2015. )
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I found out about Benedict's engagement at work today; it was a slow day and one of my colleagues and I got chatting to a customer, who dropped it into the conversation.

My immediate reaction was to turn to my colleague and say: 'Hold me.'

Seriously, I'm surprised (and a little disappointed) at my own reaction, because there was a small part of me - I won't deny it - felt a tiny bit gutted about it. But I wonder if that's to do with the change; I've been used to Benedict as a bachelor, footloose and fancy-free and completely into his acting and now of course he's not a bachelor anymore. But then, I'm glad he's got someone. :) And Sophie, from what I've read, seems clever and just the right kind of person; BC is cultured and smart and he needs someone like that. And I think it's lovely he asked her mother for permission (my brother did a similar thing before he proposed to his girlfriend) and that the engagement was announced in such an understated way. I know it's something that he's been wanting for a long time and for a while, I've been wondering if he's happy, because he's been famous, but he hasn't yet had a family of his own and has mentioned wanting to be a Dad several times. I really hope he and Sophie are happy together and that they're able to have children (imagine how smart and beautiful they'd be! ^_^).

So yeah, that's my two-pence. :)


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