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Birthdate:Jun 23
An English lass who is finding her way in the world, I have no sense of fashion, put on hardly any makeup and often need to be bribed into clothes-shopping with a muffin and a promise of a visit to the nearest book-store. ;)

I graduated from University in 2012 with a 2:1 in English Literature and Creative Writing. I went to America to study during third year which was a great experience and the ever-present comfort of fanfiction helped to greatly curb my homesickness, as did the friendly and welcoming attitude of the American students, many of whom I am still friends with.

I thrive on fiction and fandom, although I can be quite picky about my pairings (and ratings) on occasion. I tend to go through one fandom at a time and the last three years, the one that's held my heart has been Sherlock. From there, I got into Cabin Pressure - classic case of 'came for Benedict, stayed for the humour' and was lucky enough to meet John Finnemore in 2013; he's lovely and a perfect gentleman. Listening to this radio-show helped a good deal towards getting me through my final year of Uni and I love it to bits. I'm also a Doctor Who fan, with a preference for the Eleventh Doctor, although I am now deeply attached to the Twelfth who is so wonderfully grumpy.

Fanfic-wise, I'm open to anything and everything and will read whatever strikes my fancy. With regards to ships, I find I prefer fic where the characters connect on an intellectual and emotional level and go from there. I'm a sucker for what simply makes me feel, for all the compassion and emotions that make up a pair; for fluff, for h/c, for humour, for AUs, and also, since I got into Sherlock, for genderswap, which seems to have become my new personal niche in recent times and which I will readily admit I can write too much of. Whatever makes an individual happy, eh?

In real life, I am: obsessive-compulsive, Liberal, general left-winger, non-smoking and religion-wise, Church of England, although I simply tend to nip into the church in my own time, light a candle and just enjoy the space. You might find a fair bit of random contemplation on my journal about life, the universe and everything - I'm a fairly deep thinker (often an overthinker) but I'm always ready to accept well-rounded advice from others - failing that, I'll take cake and a hug. :)

I haven't written much in recent times due to many real-life struggles: family illness and some serious bereavements that have left big gaps in my life; anxiety and consistent worrying and also trying to find a job in the difficult months following graduation. After two years, I was lucky enough to secure a job that resulted me moving down to Wales, which is where I currently reside.

Friend me if you will - I like meeting new people!
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