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2017-07-19 07:08 pm

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 *So, Jodie Whittaker's casting as the Doctor made a lot of people upset. One person did make a very rational argument about how they felt about it that wasn't offensive, just honest and someone else I promptly removed from my facebook feed after they literally posted 'Nah, good actress but ruined the show.' (Now I see why my co-workers didn't like them). I must admit, I was hoping for another guy personally and wasn't bothered about having a female Doctor, but hey, it's Jodie and if anyone can do it, she can. Anyway, I think this is a memo that we all need, as proven by some of the negative responses: it's not the gender, it's the capability. You can't accuse someone of ruining a show if they haven't even stepped into the fucking TARDIS yet,

*I actually wrote a Doctor Who fanfic today and two poems! Very pleased with myself. Ever since I came back from Italy, I'm feeling a lot better about my day-to-day existence; I'm not sleeping in until midday, I'm more engaged in what's in front of me, I'm making an effort to eat more fruit and veg and just feeling awesome. So yeah.
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2017-06-10 12:38 am
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 Okay, so I was browsing around on iPlayer - I have tomorrow off, all being well, so I wrote six pages of fanfic (yay) - and thought about watching a little more Doctor Who before I went to bed, when I saw that the latest episode of the Graham Norton show had been released (it only aired about an hour or so ago). I hadn't realised, but Martin Freeman was one of those on the sofa and he has gone completely silver. Utterly silver. Not a hint of blonde remains.

I'm sorry, I don't usually do this and it's stating the obvious here, but I'm so used to seeing him with a mixture of blonde/grey, particularly in his role of John Watson. He remains as sassy as ever, though and did some really impressive punching in the guest exercise - although his interview wasn't as long as the others' this time, as he was the last one onto the sofa and didn't come on until about halfway through. He's got a new play coming out with Sarah Lancashire, so he's keeping busy. <3
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2017-05-23 03:12 pm

Oh, Manchester. :(

 My heart is breaking for the city and all the people, including young children and teenagers who went out and never came home. :(

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2017-04-25 05:03 pm

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Cue happy bunny Ellie. I've been needing one since I arrived in Wales but now preparations for Italy had me throwing up my hands and basically thinking, 'For fuck's sake, I need to stop using other people's printers and scanners.' So I ordered it last night and it arrived today. 12 points to Ravenclaw.
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2017-04-19 06:44 pm

Sorry to be dramatic...

Just: this has been one of the worst days ever and I don't even want to talk about it. I don't even understand what the hell is going on. I just want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. In fact, I might.

And after such a lovely, relaxing weekend celebrating my best friend's Easter wedding, too.
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2017-04-08 10:19 pm

...Ooookay, then.

(First attempt at cross-posting, here we go).

The last two days I have been really anxious and on edge, which is weird because it's been so beautiful and sunny. Today, I got to work and got into a silent state of anxiety very quickly and by the end of the day, my brain had fizzled out. I was able to distract myself and thought maybe I was making too much of a big deal of things but at one point my chest was very tight and uncomfortable. I was very warm by the day's end - my TL put a friendly hand on my arm just before my shift ended and exclaimed at how hot I felt. I think it was partly the heat, partly the anxiety rush. Yesterday, my manager was able to tell in passing that I was very flustered and took me aside later to check I was okay. I've just spent the last 48 hours feeling useless and like a spare part, but I was able to scale it back to a degree and thought happy, creative thoughts instead. I've actually written a fanfiction scene or two and I'm branching out in my poetry; I'm filling my latest notebook with valid contributions, rather than streams of forced rubbish and it feels good. I've been realising that what I've been craving is a sense of purpose and purpose is something I've been without for a long time; nothing to fire me up and get me going. I've been wondering exactly where I fit into the Universe, but - you know. I'm HERE. Isn't that enough? 

I'm not ready for the summer and need a new pair of sandals (of all things!). I went to the park around the corner from me the other day and ended up finishing the seventh Poldark novel, The Angry Tide, which was so gripping I actually found myself exclaiming aloud several times. It's been a while since a book had that kind of effect on me. I'm trying to get on with Emma Donoghue's Room now, but it's hard to go from one genre to the other overnight. Which sounds rather stupid, I know, but whenever I finish a Poldark novel, I want to read the next one immediately and right now, I have zero money to buy the eighth book.

I've also had the nostalgic romp of a lifetime with Red Dwarf, one of the fandoms of my childhood. We've gone from friendly coffee to why don't we have dinner to an impromptu weekend catch-up in one of the hotel rooms to I really miss you, actually, and I miss that cute little thing you do to why did we ever break up and are now at the negotiations stage. (I'm assuming that's how this all works, I've never been in a relationship so IDK). It's been fun and I'm actually kind of disappointed there aren't more episodes for me to watch because I am this close to bringing the entire DVD collection back with me after my next home-visit. I still can't really abide much of Series 7 and 8; the only strong points are the Lister and Rimmer scenes, but I admire the whole cast for, more or less, seeing it to the end of the original run. I've been watching a couple of the new episodes and found myself laughing out loud - the boys have still got it and while I love Chloe Annett, I'm really glad Kochanski is gone.

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2017-01-24 05:00 pm

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So, I never thought I'd be into this but I'm kind of tempted to try out Molly/Mycroft.

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2017-01-17 06:11 pm
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One of my Cabin Pressure fics, Something Different, has been nominated for an award! *happy dance* The award is The Best Thing Since Rainbows and it's the 2017 Headline Awards (it has a community both on Tumblr and here on LJ as the tonyhead_awards) celebrating Anthony Head and all his work. I'm really pleased; what a wonderful surprise to wake up to.

I've been hearing all about Hamilton from several different sources; it's coming to the UK and everyone who's got a ticket is really excited. The first I heard of it was when my facebook news feed was exploding with the happiness of friends who had brought a ticket. My TL is one of them and she told us all about it last night at a group gathering. I've been listening to the soundtrack; I'm not quite sure what to make of it, but it's definitely catchy.

There's currently a roast chicken in the oven and some potatoes boiling on the stove that will shortly be going in the oven, but first, a few more thoughts about Sherlock on Sunday. (Completely pointless FYI: By the time I finished and published this, I had already eaten some of it, having been cooking between writing and thinking and at this point in time, am about to go back for seconds!)

The Game is On, BUT...(SPOILERS and swearing; I apologise. Bad Ellie!) )
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2017-01-15 07:19 pm


I know that it's going to be dramatic tonight, one way or another and in a moment I need to go and buy some milk before my friends arrive.

Things I don't want to happen tonight:

No spoilers, just speculation )
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2017-01-08 11:51 pm

Sherlock S4E2: The Lying Detective

I'm going to keep this short:

Oh, thank God.
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2017-01-02 06:45 pm
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2017-01-01 04:46 pm


Here we go again!

I'm currently waiting at work for a friend to finish up as he has offered me a lift home with him and his sister. Trains aren't running and buses are few so I thought I would wait for the certainty of a lift.

Then, after grabbing dinner, I'm going over to my friend Ria's to watch the episode with her! YIKES.
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2016-12-10 09:02 pm

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Oh my gosh.

Sherlock, guys.

Sherlock, guys.

Oh my gosh.
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2016-11-25 03:57 pm

One other thing

A friend of mine has invited me out with her and a friend tonight to go swing-dancing and I am nervous as hell. I'm worried in case there's the whole 'Now, everybody partner up!' thing that inevitably comes with this - I've done it before at Uni and it was just... blah, because I let my partner down every time and there's also the whole awkward shuffle of getting one. But I know I need to try these things out at least once and I need to socialise a bit more. I've become really reclusive.

Gah... *eeek*
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2016-09-03 10:32 pm
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Because I need a distraction...

My friends, can anyone recommend any good fics in any of our shared fandoms? Sherlock, Cabin Pressure, Thunderbirds, Zootropolis, Doctor Who etc? Can be shippy or gen - nothing hugely hardcore or explicit (I'm a sucker for T/gentle R) but I wouldn't mind some romance, hurt/comfort and general niceness. Sadfics make me sad and depressed all over again, so, yah. Give me some hope.

Thanks all, and thus ends this public service announcement. ^_^
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2016-09-03 01:34 am

Oh, 'eck.

I came home from work after running some errands and curled up in bed for a lie-down. I slept until midnight. ^_^

Less good; I was clattering around and on returning to my room, my poor housemate had to come out and ask me to stop being so careless with the door. I feel awful - I had trouble sleeping last night, and had to nip to the bathroom several times and I wonder if I woke him up then as well. Got to be careful and considerate.

Anyway, night all.
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2016-08-08 09:55 pm

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So, according to my Facebook memories, today marks six years since The Great Game aired and left us all floundering with the First Great Sherlock Hiatus.

It'll sound silly, but I have such fond memories of the first Hiatus. That was when I really got into the fandom; there was so much speculation about what was going to happen, how Sherlock and John were going to get out of the tight spot they'd been squeezed into, and where the show was going to go. During that time, I wrote a lot of fanfic, met a lot of people and was really pulled into a fandom like I'd never been pulled into anything before. It was good timing because just a couple of weeks later I was going off to America and Sherlock and the entire fandom, helped in ways I just cannot put words to. I was a long way away from home, but despite everything, it helped me ease. I couldn't stick to the edge; I sank in. I discovered so much about myself.

Just... thanks for that, Sherlock Fandom. Thanks for that.
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2016-07-25 07:57 am

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Sherlock Series 4 trailer.


*bounces off the walls*
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2016-07-08 09:53 pm

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I got through the day and am trying to settle myself for an early night, as I have an early train to catch.

I have, however, made the dire mistake of having fish and chips for tea and now have chest pains. Big surprise considering how bad my diet's been.

Really, I need to stop putting this junk food into my body. Because I move around a lot during the day, I eat a lot at night. I'm going to lay off the chips now; I'll still have the odd Italian, because it's lighter and I can have salad but these days, every time I have fish and chips, I don't feel good afterwards. I feel full and bloated and it's not a feeling I like, like I'm going to be sick if I move.

So from now on: lots of fruit. I've been eating extremely badly this week but I'm going to stock up and stick to salads for the rest of the summer. My eating-habits are bad even by my standards and it's just got to stop now. I'm not obese, by any means, but I'm a large lady, certainly and I'd like to be healthier.

Anyway, cheers and goodnight.