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Spoilers 'n stuff.

Further thoughts on The Six Thatchers )


Jan. 1st, 2017 04:46 pm
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Here we go again!

I'm currently waiting at work for a friend to finish up as he has offered me a lift home with him and his sister. Trains aren't running and buses are few so I thought I would wait for the certainty of a lift.

Then, after grabbing dinner, I'm going over to my friend Ria's to watch the episode with her! YIKES.
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Oh my gosh.

Sherlock, guys.

Sherlock, guys.

Oh my gosh.
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A friend of mine has invited me out with her and a friend tonight to go swing-dancing and I am nervous as hell. I'm worried in case there's the whole 'Now, everybody partner up!' thing that inevitably comes with this - I've done it before at Uni and it was just... blah, because I let my partner down every time and there's also the whole awkward shuffle of getting one. But I know I need to try these things out at least once and I need to socialise a bit more. I've become really reclusive.

Gah... *eeek*
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My friends, can anyone recommend any good fics in any of our shared fandoms? Sherlock, Cabin Pressure, Thunderbirds, Zootropolis, Doctor Who etc? Can be shippy or gen - nothing hugely hardcore or explicit (I'm a sucker for T/gentle R) but I wouldn't mind some romance, hurt/comfort and general niceness. Sadfics make me sad and depressed all over again, so, yah. Give me some hope.

Thanks all, and thus ends this public service announcement. ^_^

Oh, 'eck.

Sep. 3rd, 2016 01:34 am
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I came home from work after running some errands and curled up in bed for a lie-down. I slept until midnight. ^_^

Less good; I was clattering around and on returning to my room, my poor housemate had to come out and ask me to stop being so careless with the door. I feel awful - I had trouble sleeping last night, and had to nip to the bathroom several times and I wonder if I woke him up then as well. Got to be careful and considerate.

Anyway, night all.
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So, according to my Facebook memories, today marks six years since The Great Game aired and left us all floundering with the First Great Sherlock Hiatus.

It'll sound silly, but I have such fond memories of the first Hiatus. That was when I really got into the fandom; there was so much speculation about what was going to happen, how Sherlock and John were going to get out of the tight spot they'd been squeezed into, and where the show was going to go. During that time, I wrote a lot of fanfic, met a lot of people and was really pulled into a fandom like I'd never been pulled into anything before. It was good timing because just a couple of weeks later I was going off to America and Sherlock and the entire fandom, helped in ways I just cannot put words to. I was a long way away from home, but despite everything, it helped me ease. I couldn't stick to the edge; I sank in. I discovered so much about myself.

Just... thanks for that, Sherlock Fandom. Thanks for that.
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Sherlock Series 4 trailer.


*bounces off the walls*
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I got through the day and am trying to settle myself for an early night, as I have an early train to catch.

I have, however, made the dire mistake of having fish and chips for tea and now have chest pains. Big surprise considering how bad my diet's been.

Really, I need to stop putting this junk food into my body. Because I move around a lot during the day, I eat a lot at night. I'm going to lay off the chips now; I'll still have the odd Italian, because it's lighter and I can have salad but these days, every time I have fish and chips, I don't feel good afterwards. I feel full and bloated and it's not a feeling I like, like I'm going to be sick if I move.

So from now on: lots of fruit. I've been eating extremely badly this week but I'm going to stock up and stick to salads for the rest of the summer. My eating-habits are bad even by my standards and it's just got to stop now. I'm not obese, by any means, but I'm a large lady, certainly and I'd like to be healthier.

Anyway, cheers and goodnight.


Jun. 24th, 2016 10:21 pm
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I am beyond gutted right now. I didn't want to wake up to THIS and when I read the news, I didn't want to get out of bed. Oh, Britain, what is wrong with you?

It was my 26th birthday yesterday, the same day as the vote and I spent most of it travelling back to Wales, but had a lovely time at home with my family. Right now, I'm watching the DW episode 'The Eleventh Hour,' Matt Smith's beautiful debut, and pretending that I'm twenty again and in Full Fandom Mode and that half of the people in this country haven't just done this to our EU rights. Trying to stay positive, but it's hard, so now I want to forget.

Being a grown-up IS HELL.


Jun. 21st, 2016 12:13 pm
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I finally had some time today to do some writing and found a nice perfect working space in the dining room, which is the only part of the house that's not looking as though a bomb hit it. I decided to do a 'for-fun' exercise - to write some fanfic scenes that have been floating around for a while - and I was on a roll, enjoying myself and then my computer decided to crash. Half the scene was autosaved, but it's incredibly frustrating and discouraging because I've lost my flow and now have to rewrite part of the scene, which just has me thinking, 'What's the fucking point?' and has broken my happy,relaxed mood as it feels I've lost that first lovely momentum. MS Word is not happy; all it takes is one button for it to freeze and no respond and I'm this close to throwing the laptop against the wall. It just feels as though something is always stopping me from writing; a computer error, depression, etc. It just makes me so angry.

My Dad's suggested getting an external hard-drive to transfer some of the files over as the laptop may be too full, perhaps as a present for my birthday on Thursday.
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I've been watching Series 5 of Being Human on Netflix and I AM LOVING IT. Why did it take me so long to watch it? It was released in 2013 and it's taken me until now to give it a go!

I had trouble keeping up with Series 4 and 5, as tends to happen with series but honestly, this is becoming one of a few choice series that I've been able to keep up with. I love the new gang of Alex, Hal and Tom - Tom is a nice crossover from the old bunch and if you want a change from Annie, Mitchell, George and Nina, well, S5 is like a breath of fresh air. Glad that they gave the new trio a chance and let them wrap up the series in their own way.
I'm currently on Episode 5, but I have to go to bed soon as I have work tomorrow.

I also managed to write something this morning; a lot of gabble, but it's something and I tried. So yay.
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So, I made a lasagne for dinner tonight and it's disgusting. I think the mistake lay with the cheese sauce I used; Mum always made her own, but I went for Dolmio and it's just horrible. I'm really gutted; I had mince and several veggies to use up before my move out at the end of the week and I feel the time, money and effort has been wasted.

Honestly, I feel my eating habits have become so frantic over the last year; I'm rubbish at making a meal for one, but the meals I make just take time and money and I feel my time in the kitchen is frantic and untidy and wasteful. I don't know if I'm making big meals for substitution, but something feels wrong with what I'm doing; I'm not chilled about it and it's driving me crazy. And what I make never ends up tasting that good either, which makes the effort wasteful in itself. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of not feeling as though I'm eating sparingly, if that makes sense and that I'm not making good and proper use of the food I have; I just wish I could calm down when it comes to cooking. Or at least make a decent lasagne.


Mar. 30th, 2016 07:55 pm
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Does anyone happen to know where a girl can find a beta for my Sherlock fic? I've finally managed to scrape it together into some kind of semblance but it needs a proper second pair of eyes, methinks. It's got Sherlock and girl-John (of course) and it deals with some delicate subject matter.

I'd really like to get this fic up before Series 4 comes along and josses everything and I don't feel comfortable enough to do this on my own. I know, I've not been quite focused on the writing recently; been in and out like a yo-yo but I'm now feeling on the right track.

I don't suppose anyone can assist? Many thanks.
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I'm so sorry, Brussels. I'm sorry that you're the new target in this fucking terrible age of terrorism. I'm sorry there are twats going around with guns and explosives, hurting your brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. I'm sorry for what you're going through today and I'm sorry for the trauma that those currently escaping the carnage are going through. I hope you get home safely and quickly and to the arms of your loved ones and that you will be able to find consolation and comfort.

It's odd; when these things happen, I obviously think 'Oh no' and 'not again.' But on top of that, I also feel resigned and then - very selfishly - look for distraction, rather than completely focus on what's going on. We just don't live in a world of love and I think that's terrible. I hope the people of Brussels can find the love they deserve today.
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Just read a scene in a fic that I knew would be rough and I read it anyway. I should never have done it. My fault completely. It's a fic I'm familiar with, but I won't deny it was curiousity that led me to that particular chapter, and...I should've held myself back. It's not as if I wasn't warned. At least it wasn't between two 'beloved' characters; it wasn't one character I like hurting another I like. But I really need to stop doing this to myself and just stay away from what isn't for me.

Apologies for this; I'm just cross with myself for not being more careful. We all have different tastes and I need to understand mine.
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Oh my Lord, I AM LOVING the new Danger Mouse episodes. We've had time-travel, the-improving-our-mental-facilities trope, the alternate universe trope and tonight, the amnesia trope.

I was so worried when I heard about the plans to recreate DM, but it's just gorgeous stuff. One of the best things about the show is how many references there are to the old series along the way that we can spot - at least I definitely can, given how much I watched the original! :D Last night's episode, Sinister Mouse, was I think a redo of the original episode The Good, The Bad and the Motionless: evil DM verses good DM and even one of the same gags was used.

And Danger Mouse and Penfold are SO married. I'm loving the increased focus on the more emotional aspect of the character relationships in the show; the original series obviously had the friendship, but this takes it to the next level. Their closeness is much more emphasized and I actually find Penfold to be a lot more loyal this time around. His character has improved enormously; he's still cheeky and cowardly, but he's also sarcastic, perceptive and quite feisty. DM, for his part, is still brave and talented and heroic, but he's also more flawed: immature and silly, to the point where he's sometimes unprofessional. It just works so nicely; wheres 80s DM was like Benedict Cumberbatch meeting the Queen, this Danger Mouse is like Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2.

Honestly, I cannot wait until Count Duckula shows up.
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*posts Chapter 5 of Going Anywhere; runs away*


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I was just watching the new Danger Mouse episode Danger at C Level and we get a shot of Danger Mouse's passport.

And I spotted the following words:


Now, I've no freaking clue how to print-screen the screenshot, but I thought that was adorable. And yes, I know it's just a joke, but it just made me smile.


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