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One of my Cabin Pressure fics, Something Different, has been nominated for an award! *happy dance* The award is The Best Thing Since Rainbows and it's the 2017 Headline Awards (it has a community both on Tumblr and here on LJ as the tonyhead_awards) celebrating Anthony Head and all his work. I'm really pleased; what a wonderful surprise to wake up to.

I've been hearing all about Hamilton from several different sources; it's coming to the UK and everyone who's got a ticket is really excited. The first I heard of it was when my facebook news feed was exploding with the happiness of friends who had brought a ticket. My TL is one of them and she told us all about it last night at a group gathering. I've been listening to the soundtrack; I'm not quite sure what to make of it, but it's definitely catchy.

There's currently a roast chicken in the oven and some potatoes boiling on the stove that will shortly be going in the oven, but first, a few more thoughts about Sherlock on Sunday. (Completely pointless FYI: By the time I finished and published this, I had already eaten some of it, having been cooking between writing and thinking and at this point in time, am about to go back for seconds!)

*I am not buying that Sherlock somehow managed to turn his childhood best friend into a dog. No, no, no. That whole thing was stupid. It's interesting to finally have the name Victor Trevor added to the table as I did genuinely wonder if he was going to show up.
But Sherlock - Sherlock who at John's wedding, stated he never expected to have a best friend - forgetting his best friend from childhood? And how did he manage to change it? If a child - a CHILD - went missing while in the care of the Holmes family, and his body was never found - and along with the three men going into the sea, I found that absolutely horrific - then wouldn't that have been hanging over their heads to this day? What did Victor Trevor's parents do? Did the police get involved? And how could Sherlock forget that, even at that age? I'm presuming that well was only known to Eurus, as no-one else seemed to know it was there, but it can't have been a million miles away, so surely someone would have found it and thought to take a look? Wouldn't the Holmes property have been searched for any sign of him? Did Mummy and Daddy Holmes never think about their son's best friend's whereabouts? Were the family under suspicion for years after?

*Speaking of the well, how would a rope save John? He was chained up! A rope wouldn't have helped - someone needed to go down and free him because he was stuck.

*I'm sorry, but Eurus was a total fucking Mary-Sue. They tied it up at the end with clumsiness but this was just ridiculous and I'm so angry they did this; oh, look, an unheard of, youngest child who's cleverer than both Sherlock and Mycroft combined and feels neglected and killed a boy because she was lonely. And they justified it because she was different and had mental health issues. I am different and have mental health issues, I'm not a part of the clique or the crowd. Guess what? I don't go around FUCKING KILLING PEOPLE. We know that Eurus has the blood of at least five people on her hands directly - the governer's wife, the three men and Victor Trevor, six if you count the governer shooting himself at her command - and I know - Sherlock and John do as well and I've never felt comfortable with that. But they both did it in defense of the other, not because they're insane. Does that make it right? Certainly not - but as the saying goes, it is what it is.
But I have seen the unheard-of younger sister trope a million times before, most prominently in the Thunderbirds fandom when a sixth Tracy sibling is introduced in some really bad fanfiction, in the form of a daughter who somehow managed to become an astronaut and an aquanaut, as well as a pilot, simultaneously, by the age of 25. And yes, they're as bad as they sound. It all hit me again while I was watching this, and I just couldn't fucking believe it. It really was too late in the day for this; Eurus undermined everything we had already learned and rather like the second series of Broadchurch, she made all that had gone before seem utterly pointless, even though it made a fuckton more sense.

*If Mummy and Daddy Holmes seem to leave all the important decisions about their daughter's welfare - and indeed, Sherlock's welfare - to Mycroft and believed the lies he fed them about Eurus at face-value, despite having no body to bury, then you know what? I'm starting to think they're not great parents. That, and somebody else's son going missing, killed at their daughter's hands when he was supposed to be in their care, well. I still think it was a mistake to introduce them at all, because they're Mycroft's parents as well as Sherlock's and I felt doing that for a giggle was a betrayal of sorts and completely contradicted the two men that we know. I'm glad that they were brought in at this stage to round things up but rather like my first cross-stitch, it's been tied up incredibly clumsily and stupidly. And pinning everything on Mycroft? Dudes, who helped Sherlock fake his death and rescue him from Serbia? It certainly wasn't either of you. But it was nice to see Sherlock sticking up for him.

*Mycroft became very, very human in this episode; so much for the Ice-Man. He was completely ruffled up and became a bit of a whimpering mess. Myself and my friends realised very quickly that he was goading Sherlock into shooting him because he knew Sherlock would always choose John. On that note, I loved the Lady Bracknell references. I love Sherlock and Mycroft's sniping, but I love the softer moments they share because it's obvious they really do care about each other but can't bring themselves to admit it. I just wish the show had stuck with that dynamic and had left the rest to imagination.

*Mycroft being so angry at the Sherrinford staff was kind of hot.

*I despaired when Moriarty showed up but was so glad that it was a flashback. Just, stay dead, Jim.

*That was incredibly bad treatment of Molly. For one thing, why is she having a bad day? And call me cynical, but I thought she had got over Sherlock ages ago? It's hard to be in love with someone who doesn't love you back the way you wish they could but I thought Molly had found new strength in just being Sherlock's friend and confidante (in fanfic she is often painted as such) and realised he wasn't the one for her. Is that heartless of me? Just - you do get to a point where you just accept them as your friend; Sherlock assuring her that she was his friend was darling and the fact that he was so angry at the whole situation really spoke levels. But again, this undermined everything, all of Molly's character development and how far she's come. She deserves more than to be portrayed as the poor, heartbroken pathologist.

*On that note, I really wish Molly and Lestrade had got together - and told Rupert Graves as much when I met him at SHERLOCKED two years ago. He seemed favourable to the idea. I just feel it would have been lovely for both of them - they hardly get used this series anyway, and I think it would have been wonderful to see them find a happy ending in each other. I know it sounds like my own fanon ideas, but I felt it was a waste of that lovely scene in SiB when they seemed to share a moment and Lestrade's apparent loneliness while Molly was with Tom at the wedding. I feel they could have found something special through their association with Sherlock and it would have made an interesting sub-plot, the two of them finding happiness while John lost his own. I would have watched it.

*Why the hell were Molly and Lestrade barely used this series, anyway? We've lost Donovan and Anderson (presumably the actors, who have become quite prolific, either didn't have the time or their characters just weren't applicable, but we had a random new female sergeant, so...?) but I think featuring Molly and Lestrade in the promos and then barely using them - and using Molly so badly - was a let-down.

*On THAT note, I actually think we went from NO HOMO in TLD to DO WHAT YOU WANT in TFP, which is kind of nice. Whoever you ship, there's room for it in this episode - Mystrade, Sherlolly and of course Johnlock, in the fact that Sherlock and John rebuild a new life for themselves and appear to be raising Rosie together. Would have been nice to have some Mollstrade, though... *wishful thinking* And we don't know what happened with Lady Smallwood and Mycroft either, so...

*Where the heck was Rosie during all of this? Clearly she wasn't with Molly, or John would have been fearing for her safety. We can assume she wasn't with Lestrade, because he had to do the arresting and she wasn't in the flat. She was clearly with someone, or Sherlock wouldn't have suggested the phone-call. We're led to believe that John doesn't have a great deal of friends in SiP, certainly not any cousins that he's close to, but are invited to the wedding nevertheless, and sure, we see people at the wedding and the christening - but the fact that Molly was roped in for babysitting duties at the end of T6T tells me he doesn't have a great many people to ask and that most of the people at those events were more Mary's friends than his, as she did say she had 'lots of friends' (although given her relationship with Janine, I can see her making friends with motives in mind). My own head-canon is that Mike Stamford has been helping out as the convenient but invisible friend willing to take care of someone else's baby for what has obviously been days on end. Still, for all that many people felt that Mofftiss had written themselves into a corner with the baby, leaving her with other people is a pretty convenient plot-point - although it was lovely to see her as part of Sherlock and John's ongoing life and the two of them being her parents.

*John himself was the saving grace of the episode - the John Watson I've missed dearly and whom we haven't really had since Series 2. He was badass, he was moral - he comforted the governer as best he could and in the end, refused to shoot him, which was a massive relief and which I feel blows the whole 'I like dangerous situations and people' theory out of the water - he was cheeky and fearless and he didn't leave. I've missed that John Watson so much; his best scenes were his banter with Mycroft. Sure, we had that John Watson - or his Victorian counterpart - during TAB, but then we lost him again. Finally, though, after a series and a half of blaming Sherlock for everything and being violent, grumpy and pretty unkind, we finally had him back and it was wonderful. That alone made the episode worth watching.

*I was disappointed that the plane wasn't real; what a fucking copout. Sherlock talking to the little girl was so sweet; he's kinder than everyone gives him credit for and I've felt that way about him since Series 1.

*They blew up the flat. THEY FUCKING BLEW UP THE FLAT. But it was awesome, so. And they rebuilt it - and John helping Sherlock replace the smiley face spoke volumes.

So... um, yes. 10/10 for drama, the characterisation of Sherlock, John and Mycroft, the explosion and the beautiful finale, 0/10 for everything else. I'm genuinely wondering if I want to get this series on DVD as the minuses outweigh the pluses and there have only been a handful of things I've really enjoyed. But on the other hand, I want a complete collection.

This show, though. THIS SHOW. I'm now off for second helpings and to catch up on ITV's Endeavour, which I've been neglecting as it was on the same timeslot as Sherlock. Swapping Cumby for Roger Allam for a bit - but again, given the events of Series 3 for this show as well, AGAIN it's going to be an angsty one.

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Just quickly because it's super late and I should be getting ready for bed....

Congrats on the nomination! Awesome!

Hamilton is the best thing ever! I don't know how often I've listened to the soundtrack now and I can sing along to all my favourite songs. *g* I hadn't heard that there was finally a set date for the West End premiere, but now I have to keep an eye on the ticket sales so that my friend and I can get tickets for 2018 and finally watch this show! *excited*

The Sherlock stuff I'll answer tomorrow or on Thursday... it's a really messy episode and not something one should try to apply logic to, I guess? Low-key hoping for a surprise fourth (mini) episode but not holding my breath.

Date: 2017-01-22 05:32 am (UTC)
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Thankyou very much for the kind words about the nomination! *curtseys*

Hamilton seems pretty cool; I'm not sure if I can entirely call it my cup of tea but I have downloaded a couple of the best songs and to be honest, I need to listen to the whole soundtrack. I think because other people are so into it, I'm keen to know more. I hope you can get tickets!

Sherlock was messy, yeah - things I liked, obviously, but then things I didn't. So. *shrugs*

Date: 2017-01-22 03:37 pm (UTC)
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Definitely give the whole album a try, it's great! :)

About Sherlock:
- The whole Victor Trevor backstory simply doesn't hold up at all and I just can't believe that no-one in the production process pointed that out, because it's so glaring. I can kinda believe that Sherlock used some defense mechanism to forget about Victor because it hurt him so, like, okay, I'm cutting the writers some slack here although I'm side-eyeing it. But that no-one found the well? And thought about looking there? Victor's parents? And tiny Euros starts singing about drowned Victor, uhm.. seriously? Did the parents just decide, "Oops he must've fallen into the river, well we guess we'll never know!" The well can't have been far off, not with Euros as young as she was, and I can't believe that no-one else in the vicinity had ever heard about the well. Or you know, used dogs to scent the lost kid which would've led them to the well? Argh!

- I don't mind the rope thing, though, since I just assumed it was them telling us, "Hey he'll get rescued and now has something to hold on to instead off slippery stone walls!" But since so many people are annoyed by it, I think just a short bit of dialogue acknowledging the chains again would've helped.

- Yeah, Euros was a strangely written character, stuff like that in fanfic would've been criticised like crazy. She knows everything and is basically all powerful, but deep down she's just misunderstood and sad, because her brother didn't play with her as a child. As B99 would say, "Cool motive, still murder." And this ties in with the Holmes parents, because firstly, they couldn't have just said, "Sherlock, play with your little sister", if that's the only problem Euros has? And then, teenaged Mycroft + uncle Rudy decide to lock Euros up and they're okay with this I guess? It's all very cliché and not well explained. The whole parents dynamic needed much more context, because like this it seems they don't do anything about their kids and expect the oldest son to take care of all the problems?

- I liked the character moments with Mycroft (it was a very Mycroft centric episode...) and I can at least kinda buy that he wasn't so iceman-like anymore since he was in a situation completely out of his control. And I think that could've made him react differently. Although I don't get why he didn't arrive at Sherrinford with armed forces or backup or something since they already knew that there were security issues (not the extent of them, granted, but still...).

- I loved Jim as soons as it was clear that it was a flashback. XD

- Would've also loved to see more of Molly and Lestrade and would've digged that pairing, too. Poor Molly, I don't get why they had to go the super depressing "She's still pining like whoaaa!" route instead of having her more or less exasperated with Sherlock, and just going "I love you" because he would've have some reason for that and also sounded kinda strange. I also thought that the whole pining angle had been dropped after S3 but noooo. There was at least a short scene needed with Sherlock and Molly talking about this instead of just that montage moment.

- There were some really good moments esp. with the Sherlock-Mycroft-John dynamic, and I'm also very happy that we got the "old" John back. I've read good meta that makes sense of John's behaviour in TLD, but it went a bit too far there and I'm glad that he was more recognisable now. And Rosie is just a prop who gets used for cuteness. *sigh*

I enjoy the idea of there perhaps being a secret fourth episode and the conspiracy theorists are going strong. XD I actually get how people come to that conclusion and although I don't think it'll happen, it would be kinda cool. XD But then, I liked that fairytale ending with pretty much every ship being a possibility, sooo...

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From: [personal profile] silverusagi
Surprise sibling has to be my least favorite trope ever.

Date: 2017-01-22 05:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Honestly, I've been seeing it done for fifteen years. Soooooo tedious and samey.

Date: 2017-01-22 05:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Gah, I've been seeing it done for fifteen years. Sooo tedious.

Date: 2017-01-18 04:23 am (UTC)
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I kept wondering where the hell was she getting the things like the coffin? How did she capture the Garrideb bros/cousins and where did she keep them? Who helped her tie them up and lower them? Where did she learn about Molly? Those wrong dates on the tombstones? She couldn't possibly have chiseled them, though it's possible she used them to create her "Musgrave Ritual" as a child,

I agree with you wholeheartedly about the disappearance of Sherlock's friend and the lack of action from the adults in the household. It just all felt so disjointed.

The one thing I absolutely loved, though, was the comment from Lestrade near the end. It brought us full circle from the first episode.

Date: 2017-01-22 05:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
See, I never even thought of that, but again, this is a whole set of questions that yes, I would like to see answered. Are we supposed to assume that Eurus was manipulating the staff or can just 'do things' the same wsy that Mycroft and Sherlock can just 'do things' except even better because she's super-special???

Yeah, how the Holmes were apparently okay with their son's best friend going missing - and Sherlock not remembering, even though they must have done, but apparently never refreshing his memory about it - doesn't sit well with me. You can tell this was clearly brought to the table very, very late and while it might be fine in soap-operas, this is Sherlock, so no, it's not fine here.

Yeah, I loved that comment from Lestrade too. :D I was thinking 'He's gonna say it, he's gonna say it - GAH HE SAID IT!'


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