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Spoilers 'n stuff.

So. The Sherlock we have now is NOT the Sherlock that made me happy in the past. I saw a very wise Tumblr post earlier stating that we don't know the full story and we can't change what's been created (unless it's fic with canon divergence, hee) and that a lot of people are disappointed because it hasn't gone the way we believed it would. I've been obsessing for years over this show and last night's episode, while good in many ways, did make me wonder for a moment about it all. The series started off as brilliant fun, a wonderful giggle in the summer of 2010, another kind of Doctor Who. Same with Series 2 in 2012.

But... I just don't understand why they couldn't keep it simple. Why they had to go so dark; was there any need for it? It just doesn't have the same sense of wonderful escapism it had at the start and well... I've spent a lot of the past five years thinking about this show. I just want it to be worth it.

Anyway, although I'm feeling utterly let down by John's apparent infidelity and general hypocrisy, there's a lot of other things about the episode that stayed with me.

*Mary. You know what? I lost sympathy with her when she shot Sherlock and viewed her as very selfish and sociopathic, a desperate person covering up her past. I actually couldn't wait to get rid of her. But this episode, she completely redeemed herself (although it pissed me off when she wouldn't let Sherlock help her to begin with). She was funny, she was very engaged and engaging, showing an active interest in the cases and she was just the lovely, cheeky Mary we met at the beginning of Series 3. And considering that Martin and Amanda broke up IRL around the same time they were filming the series, it didn't make any difference to their performances; the chemistry was very much there. Her best moment was planting Sherlock's face against the cab window!
In fact, all Mary's scenes with Sherlock were just lovely. It was wonderful to have a duo/trio kind of thing going on; all three of them (plus Toby and Rosamund) made quite a team. I don't quite understand what 'Go to hell Sherlock' means; there's debate as to whether that's her exposing her true feelings for him, or whether she's telling Sherlock to go to hell to save John. I think the latter, myself; she gave her life for him of her own free will. And I know it sounds awful, but I'm glad that she apologised to Sherlock for shooting him. BUT... I don't understand Mary's past, still. It was interesting, but she fought so hard to keep John from knowing about what she had done. Was she a villain or a hero?

*Sherlock and the baby: Oh my gosh. SHE THREW HER RATTLE AT HIM. HE'S GODFATHER. HE BABYSITS WHEN JOHN AND MARY ARE ASLEEP. SO, SO CUTE! And I am so glad that John being a father didn't mean that he no longer went on cases with Sherlock; there are so many fics where fatherhood means John basically abandons Sherlock. This, though, I liked. Nice to have a positive beginning (before it all went to hell at least). I actually want to see more of Rosamund - she's so adorable and I think she's captured Sherlock's heart more than he'd like to admit.

*Sherlock and Mycroft's bickering. Hehehe; Mycroft was very prominent in this episode. I'm actually hoping we'll see him offering some kind of support to Sherlock during the next episode for however long he and John are separated. He was there, he saw what happened. He actually looked very humanised in this episode; we've seen him having wobbles before but he was genuinely afraid, genuinely uneasy and it showed in the moment when Mary was dying.

*Scottish Bus-Lady: I've just noticed that she already had the number in her hand, ready to hand over. I've already made my own opinions on John's adultery very clear (the short version: I FUCKING HATE IT) but apart from anything else I'd like to think that John would know better by now than to communicate with strange women who take a sudden interest in him in public. You'd think he'd learn... In any case, I'm convinced we haven't seen the last of her.

*Charlie's death. Oh my Lord. That was utterly horrific. When I realised Charlie was hiding in the car, I felt my stomach drop because I thought he was going to suffocate there and then without anybody to help him. When discussing it with a friend today, she kind of helped soften the blow by explaining that a seizure is different and Charlie wouldn't have realised that he was dying because his brain had shut down. So that made things slightly better. But really - that is a death that got to me and to have little more than a burnt skeleton as the body is just terrible. It did offend me when Sherlock carelessly referred to him as the Welsboroughs' 'daughter.' No. Just no. I love the arsehole, but that was bad.

*Sherlock being delicious. He needs to wear white more often. *purrs* And I love his cheeky smiles - although at the start of the episode, I was getting a Martin Crieff vibe from him.

*Toby. <3 <3 <3 Sherlock loves that doggy. He was so cute and Sherlock was so blatantly happy to see him. The whole 'who's Toby?' thing was very reminiscent of Basil the Great Mouse Detective.

*I think John and Sherlock are more even in height. Maybe it's the new haircut, but John seems a little taller.

*Dimmock's cameo. I wondered where he'd gone.

*Sherlock not knowing who Margaret Thatcher is. Or does he? Hmmm...

*Sherlock showing Mycroft Rosamund's picture. Although part of me is wondering why he did that. If John is left as a widower with a baby, one whom he needs to balance with crime-duties, then would Gatiss and Moffat want (sorry, forgive me) a 'get out clause' in case it gets too difficult? Is Sherlock hoping Mycroft will spot something? Or maybe he's just a proud godfather? I hope so; I really like his interactions with the baby. I know I wasn't too keen on the idea but now it all seems quite sweet!

*John the balloon. Teehee.

*I want to know more about this female detective who's suddenly shown up. Who is she? Would like to know more.


Date: 2017-01-04 04:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tikatu.livejournal.com
My issue with the episode was: John, you were a military surgeon for pity's sake! Why are you hovering like a dimbulb instead of barking orders to those police to find you a medical kit right now, dammit! And you, call a f-ing ambulance! And doing whatever he possibly could to save her life. Yes, I understand he's her husband but he was just. so. helpless!

Date: 2017-01-08 07:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ellieet.livejournal.com
I know, a lot of people have said that. It was the same with the last series when Sherlock pulled himself out of hospital to sort him and Mary out and John was more concerned about his wife than marching Sherlock back into A&E. Actually, quite a few quarters have complained about John's apparent ineptitude as a doctor, which I must admit has got me thinking. I suppose you could argue that in his gut, he knew she was a goner, but that's really no excuse for not trying.


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