Jul. 8th, 2016

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I got through the day and am trying to settle myself for an early night, as I have an early train to catch.

I have, however, made the dire mistake of having fish and chips for tea and now have chest pains. Big surprise considering how bad my diet's been.

Really, I need to stop putting this junk food into my body. Because I move around a lot during the day, I eat a lot at night. I'm going to lay off the chips now; I'll still have the odd Italian, because it's lighter and I can have salad but these days, every time I have fish and chips, I don't feel good afterwards. I feel full and bloated and it's not a feeling I like, like I'm going to be sick if I move.

So from now on: lots of fruit. I've been eating extremely badly this week but I'm going to stock up and stick to salads for the rest of the summer. My eating-habits are bad even by my standards and it's just got to stop now. I'm not obese, by any means, but I'm a large lady, certainly and I'd like to be healthier.

Anyway, cheers and goodnight.


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